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Automation Testing vs Manual Testing

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Automation Testing vs. Manual Testing

Automation Testing

Automation testing is a process of changing any manual test case into the test scripts by using automation testing tools, and scripting or programming language is called automation.

Automation testing is used to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and coverage of Software testing.

Automation test engineer uses automation testing tools to automate the manual design test cases without any human interference.

And these testing tools can control the execution of tests, access the test data, and compares the actual result against the expected result.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is testing, where the tester can test the application without any knowledge of any programming language.

In manual testing, the test engineer tests the application like a user to make it bug-free or stable.

Manual test engineers always search for the fault or bugs in the product before the product released in the market, yet delivered software still has defects.

And there is a chance that the final software product still has a defect or does not meet the customer requirement, even the manual test engineer do their best.

Difference between automation testing and manual testing

Aspects Automation testing Manual testing
Definition When an application or software is tested with the help of some tools is known as automation testing.
Whenever multiple releases or multiple regression cycle is going on the application or software, we will go for automation testing.
It is a type of software testing, which is done by the test Engineer to check the functionality of an application based on the customer requirement.
Reliability It is reliable because it tests the application with the help of tools and test scripts. It is not reliable because there is a possibility of human error, which may not be delivered the bug-free application.
Reused The script can be reused across multiple releases. It could be possible when the test case only needs to run once or twice.
Batch Execution Batch execution is possible using automation testing because all the written scripts can be executed parallelly or simultaneously. Batch execution is not possible in manual testing.
Time-saving The execution is always faster than the manual; that’s why the automation testing process is time-saving. It is time consuming due to the usage of the human resources.
Investment While using the Automation tool, investment is required. Human resources needed investment.
Performance testing To test the performance of the application with the help of load and stress testing, automation test engineer needs to perform Performance Testing. In manual testing, performance testing is not possible.
Programming knowledge Without having an understanding of programming language, we cannot write the test script. There is no need to know programming language but should have the product knowledge to write the test case.
Framework The automation test engineer can use the different types of frameworks like Data driven, Hybrid, modular driven, and keyword-driven to faster the automation process. There is no need for a framework while using manual testing.
Operating system compatibility Automation testing can also be performed on different systems with different operating system platforms and various programming languages. Operating system compatibility is not possible in manual testing because the different tester is required to perform such tasks.
Regression testing Whenever the code changes happen due to the enhancement of the release, then automation test engineer performs the regression testing. When the test engineer executes the test case for the first time, it may be useful, but there is a possibility that it will not catch the regression bugs because of changing requirements frequently.

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