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Bootstrap Datepicker get date on change event

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Bootstrap Datepicker get date on change event

In this section, we will learn the use of Bootstrap datepicker to get the date on events the change with the format. Sometimes our project requires the option of date picking. If we want to enable the input field for the entry of date, datepicker will be very useful. Using this, we can easily select the date, and it is user-friendly. Instead of entering the date manually in the input field, we can pick the date from the Datepicker dialog. Using this, user errors can be avoided because it will allow us to see the corresponding week’s day for each date. It provides an interactive dropdown that is used to select the date from the calendar easily. It will also provide us an extra interactive shine in our form.

Events can be triggered by datepicker in certain circumstances. An extra data is attached with all events to the event hide. Bootstrap of our script is already has a format. Using this format, a better responsible design can be made. It is very easy for us to use datepicker with our format of the date such as dd-mm-yyyy, yyyy/mm/dd, dd/mm/yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd, etc. We need to add one argument format and our required format to set the date format. When we click on the button named “get data using date”, in this case, datepicker sets the value of date, and we get that new date value using jQuery. It will prevent our form from submitting, and we will use that date value to run an ajax request. Except for the ajax that will get the new date value, all other ajax will run perfectly.

When the user uses the input element and types the date directly into it, we are able to get the value with the onChange event of the input element. But when the datepicker is used to change the date, or we can say the user clicks on the calendar’s date, in this case, onChange handler will not be called. Sometimes, we require a datepicker to get the date on a selected date. Once we are working on our calendar app, and we want the same thing. We have studies in the bootstrap datepicker that we can get the selected date using the event “changeDate”, but in this app, we also want to get a selected date in our format. After doing some research, we have found a solution, which is shown in the following example.


When we use this example in our project, we will get the date on the change event.

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