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Can we run Siri for Android

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Can we run Siri for Android?

With the rise in the popularity of voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and other similar technologies, controlling phones and other devices by speaking has become easy. One such popular voice assistant is Siri which is the product of Apple and compatible with only its own Apple products such as iPhone, iPads, Macs, and HomePods. You can use Siri to launch apps, get information, trigger shortcuts, play music, make phone calls, etc.

Can we run Siri for Android

If you are looking to get and run Siri for Android, it is currently not possible and hopefully never will be. Apple doesn’t develop any version of Siri that support and runs for Android. People who haven’t iPhones are also searching to get Siri for Android. But for those people, we can say that there is no Siri for Android or other devices other than iOS. But it doesn’t mean that Android users can’t use virtual voice assistants like or even better than Siri.

Beware of fake Siri apps:

If you search for Siri for Android on Google or Google Play Store, you will find lots of results with Siri in their name. But be careful; they are not the official Siri you are looking for on Android. Those apps also use the voice command feature and compare themselves with Siri and use the official Siri’s name and popularity to tempt Android users looking for a Siri-type feature app.

No matter what they claim and say for their app, but defiantly they are not Siri, and they are not developed and published by Apple. Apple has not published any Siri for Android.

Why Siri Only Runs on Apple Devices

Apple’s Siri voice virtual assistant is only made for iOS devices and always works on iPhone, iPad, macOS, and other Apple products. If you want to use the services offered by Siri, you need to buy an iPhone or other iOS device.

Apple generates a large part of its revenue by selling its hardware, so allowing such a good feature to run on its competitor’s hardware hurts its bottom line. So Apple usually doesn’t do such business to run its hardware on another OS device.

Since there is no Siri app available for Android, Android has its built-in voice-recognition assistant that works similarly to Siri. Android users have several voice assistant app options to choose from.

Alternatives to Siri for Android

Android has several alternate options for using voice assistants similar to Siri. Here are the most popular voice assistants for Android devices.

  • Google Assistant: Google Assistant comes in-built into most latest Android phones. It works on your voice command, and it also learns your habits and adopts your routine. Once it learns your habits and your routine, it suggests you before you perform your job.
  • Alexa: Amazon’s Alexa is a voice-recognized feature for its Echo series of products with Amazon’s Fire tablets and other Amazon products. Alexa voice assistant can be downloaded from Play Store and run on Android phones.
  • Bixby: Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant that can challenge Android’s built-in Google assistant in features. It comes built-in in many Samsung smartphones, and also you can install it on Android phones via its app.
  • Microsoft originally developed Cortana for its Windows OS Phone, but now it is available for many other platforms, including Android and iOS.
  • Hound: Honda’s voice assistant understands even very complex questions. It also responds to multi-part questions, which is better than another voice assistant. If you are looking for a voice-activated search tool, you can’t forget this tool.

Alternatives to Siri on iPhone

Apple’s Siri voice assistant was the first major voice-recognized tool that captured the market. So it cannot take advantage of new technologies available from its competitors. Due to this, many voice assistant users say that Google and Cortana are superiors to Siri now.

However, iPhone users are good in their luck that both Google Assistant and Cortana are available. iPhone users can download these apps from App Store to use on their device. People can also use Alexa assistant, a built-in Echo device offered by Amazon on iPhone.

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