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Cassandra CQLsh

Cassandra CQLsh stands for Cassandra CQL shell. CQLsh specifies how to use Cassandra commands. After installation, Cassandra provides a prompt Cassandra query language shell (cqlsh). It facilitates users to communicate with it.

Cassandra commands are executed on CQLsh. It looks like this:

Start CQLsh:

Cassandra CQLsh 1

CQLsh provides a lot of options which you can see in the following table:

helpThis command is used to show help topics about the options of CQLsh commands.
versionit is used to see the version of the CQLsh you are using.
colorit is used for colored output.
debugIt shows additional debugging information.
executeIt is used to direct the shell to accept and execute a CQL command.
file= “file name”By using this option, cassandra executes the command in the given file and exits.
no-colorIt directs cassandra not to use colored output.
u “username”Using this option, you can authenticate a user. The default user name is: cassandra.
p “password”Using this option, you can authenticate a user with a password. The default password is: cassandra.

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