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CGPA Full Form | What is Cumulative Grade Point Average


What is the full form of CGPA

CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average

Cumulative Grade Point Average is a educational grading system.

It is used in schools and colleges to measure overall academic performance of a student. Students are allotted with grades (A,B,C,D, or F). It is an average of grade points obtained for all semester after the course completion up to a given academic term.

GPA ( Grade Point Average): It is also a grading average but, it is used to specify only for one term.

CGPA full form

Different countries have their own grading standards. India’s grading system is based on percentage.

90% to 100%O or A+Outstanding
70% to 89%AFirst class
50% to 69%B+Second class
40% to 49%BPass class
Below 39FFail

Note: The CGPA is specified in the form of decimal number or digit. For example: 9.4 CGPA.

How to calculate percentage from the given CGPA

The percentage of marks can be calculated as follows:

  • Subject wise percentage of marks = 9.5 * GP of the subject
  • Overall percentage of marks = 9.5 * CGPA

Example: If a student have got total 9.6 CGPA, it means his/her total percentage of marks: 9.5*9.6 = 91.2%.

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