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Arithmetic Micro-operations

In general, the Arithmetic Micro-operations deals with the operations performed on numeric data stored in the registers.

The basic Arithmetic Micro-operations are classified in the following categories:

  1. Addition
  2. Subtraction
  3. Increment
  4. Decrement
  5. Shift

Some additional Arithmetic Micro-operations are classified as:

  1. Add with carry
  2. Subtract with borrow
  3. Transfer/Load, etc.

The following table shows the symbolic representation of various Arithmetic Micro-operations.

Symbolic RepresentationDescription
R3 ← R1 + R2The contents of R1 plus R2 are transferred to R3.
R3 ← R1 – R2The contents of R1 minus R2 are transferred to R3.
R2 ← R2′Complement the contents of R2 (1’s complement)
R2 ← R2′ + 12’s complement the contents of R2 (negate)
R3 ← R1 + R2′ + 1R1 plus the 2’s complement of R2 (subtraction)
R1 ← R1 + 1Increment the contents of R1 by one
R1 ← R1 – 1Decrement the contents of R1 by one

Note: The increment and decrement micro-operations are symbolized by ‘+ 1’ and ‘? 1’ respectively. Arithmetic operations like multiply and divide are not included in the basic set of micro-operations.

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