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CodeIgniter Architecture

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CodeIgniter Architecture

CodeIgniter is designed to deliver maximum performance in less time within a clean environment. To achieve this, each developing process is designed in a simplified way.

From technical point of view it is dynamically instantiation (libraries are loaded on request which makes it light-weighted), loose coupling. (components rely very less on each other) and component singularity (each class and its functions are narrowly focused only towards their purpose).

Data flow in CodeIgniter

Codelgniter Architecture 1

Look at the above snapshot, this flow chart displays data flow in CodeIgniter.

  • File index.php is the default file of CodeIgniter. It initializes the base resources.
  • The Router decides what should be done with the information.
  • If requested cache file exists, then the information is passed directly to the browser ignoring the further processes.
  • Before loading Application Controller, the HTTP request and submitted data is passed under Security check.
  • The Application Controller loads Models, Libraries, Helpers, Plugins and Scripts needed according to the request.
  • The final page will come to View and then sent to the web browser. If View page is not cached then it will be cached first for future requests.
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