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Community Cloud

Community cloud is a cloud infrastructure that allows systems and services to be accessible by a group of several organizations to share the information. It is owned, managed, and operated by one or more organizations in the community, a third party, or a combination of them.

Community Cloud

Example: Our government organization within India may share computing infrastructure in the cloud to manage data.

Advantages of Community Cloud

There are the following advantages of Community Cloud –

Cost effective

Community cloud is cost effective because the whole cloud is shared between several organizations or a community.

Flexible and Scalable

The community cloud is flexible and scalable because it is compatible with every user. It allows the users to modify the documents as per their needs and requirement.


Community cloud is more secure than the public cloud but less secure than the private cloud.

Sharing infrastructure

Community cloud allows us to share cloud resources, infrastructure, and other capabilities among various organizations.

Disadvantages of Community Cloud

There are the following disadvantages of Community Cloud –

  • Community cloud is not a good choice for every organization.
  • Slow adoption to data
  • The fixed amount of data storage and bandwidth is shared among all community members.
  • Community Cloud is costly than the public cloud.
  • Sharing responsibilities among organizations is difficult.

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