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Device cleaner and booster for Android

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Device cleaner and booster for Android

It is a good practice to clean and brush up your Android device from time to time to clean junk files, enhance battery life, and boost device performance. Cleaning Android device solves the low memory problem by deleting unnecessary files which are stored on the phone. Performing device cleaning manually can waste your valuable time, and the outcome result may not be up to the mark. You can use device cleaner and booster apps for Android to do this task.

Cache and junk files from ads and image thumbnails over time takes a lot of space in your device. But using these device cleaner apps for RAM cleaning is outdated because newer Android’s version takes good care of that. A single click on the device screen can be free of caches, junk files, and useless data.

Best Android cleaner and booster apps

The orders of below given cleaner apps are not based on their performance. It is only compliance, and you can choose according to your requirement.


Device cleaner and booster for Android

CCleaner is one of the best device cleaner apps for Android. It removes application cache, clean RAM, deletes junk files, reclaims space, and allows safe browser. It provides facility to uninstall multiple applications easily at once. The app has a Storage Analyzer feature, which gives you a better idea about your device storage space utilization. It also offers a system monitoring tool that tracks the RAM consumed by apps, CPU usage by different apps as well as the device’s temperature level.

This cleaning app also lets you know which app is consuming the battery along with unused apps. The app contains a hibernation feature which stops the apps running in the background until you reopen those apps. The CCleaner app not only works on Android, but it also performs well on MacOS and Windows 10 PC.

Download the CCleaner app from Google Play Store.

SD Maid

Device cleaner and booster for Android

SD Maid claims to depth cleaning of junk files from your Android device. It gives different tools to manage extra files such as cache, look at duplicate files, manage current apps, files left by previously installed apps, and more.

When you launch the app, it gives you four different options to perform with your device.

  1. CorpseFinder searches for files and folders that left after deleting an app and removes it.
  2. SystemCleaner is another tool that searches and deletes the common files and folders that SD Maid thinks it can be safely deleted.
  3. AppCleaner feature is available in the SD Maid Pro version, which performs the same task for your apps.
  4. The database manages feature helps to manage and optimize any app database in use.

Along with the above mentioned functionality, it also gives tools for storage analysis that find and delete larger files and heavy app removal.

Download the SD Maid app from Google Play Store.

All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager

Device cleaner and booster for Android

As the name suggests, All-in-One Toolbox is a multi-purpose Android cleaner and booster app that boosts up device performance. It performs lots of tasks more than just cleaning up your junk files. The app is a combination of more than 30 tools that increase your Android phone performance and productivity. With a single tap, it cleans up background running apps, memory, and cache. It also comes with functionalities of a file manager, CPU cooler (that stops background apps execution and minimize load), and app manager.

The Boot Speedup feature of this app allows you to select which apps (including system apps) automatically get started when you restart your smartphone. Its app managers that provide the facility of the batch installation or uninstallation of apps and move apps from device memory to removable storage. The target of this application is to provide cleaner, faster, and smarter mobile practice on Android phones.

Features of All-In-One Toolbox

  • Contain a hardware information checker.
  • It includes a photo compressor to reduce space taken by high-resolution images.
  • All-In-One Toolbox finds the larger file stored on your Android device.
  • Provide facility to delete empty folders and app leftovers folders.

Download the All-In-One Toolbox app from Google Play Store.

Cleaner for Android

Device cleaner and booster for Android

Cleaner for Android is a popular device cleaner app that provides numerous of device cleaning features. The app is equipped with junk cleaner and RAM booster, which cleans device memory as well. If you don’t want to do cleaning Android device manually all the time, it repeatedly runs without user interaction. Its battery saver feature stops all the background running apps that are not in the user and also reduces device temperature.

The app manager and file manager display the apps which are not used for a long time. You can manually delete or keep back up of apps and APKs. It also allows you to manage your file system manually. Cleaner for Android also comes with a game booster designed to clean the background task to allocate gamers more memory space. Also, it works as a duplicate file remover, app hibernator, junk remover, etc.

Features of Cleaner for Android

  • It gives the option to view, rename, and archive and delete hidden files.
  • Its notification features shut down the notification from specific apps.
  • The game booster improves the gaming experience.
  • Its WhatApp module allows viewing WhatsApp media files in one place.

Download the Cleaner for Android app from Google Play Store.

Norton Clean

Device cleaner and booster for Android

If you are not looking for an advanced mobile security suite then a simple system device cleaner, Norton Cleaner is available for you. Norton claims to remove device junk files, cache, obsolete APK files, freeing up storage space and memory. It also comes with an app manager that displays the list of your apps, installation date, you can sort them by their last use, and how much storage space apps using. It also removes unwanted apps that you have installed.

As compared to other cleaner apps, this app contains one of the cleanest and modern-looking user interfaces.

Download the Norton Clean app from Google Play Store.

Go Speed

Device cleaner and booster for Android

Go Speed is a lightweight and popular Android device cleaner app that clean junk files, temp files, and recover storage space or memory, and boosts your Android device. It kills the background tasks, close unwanted running apps, and disable stealthy auto-start apps. The app manager allows you to create backups and uninstall infrequently used apps.

Features of Go Speed

  • It contains a pre-installed terminator that stops the auto-start apps.
  • It comes with a floating widget that checks the real-time memory status.
  • It cleans cache files, junk files, and temp files from the device.
  • App manager allows you to uninstall infrequently used apps.

Download the Go Speed app from Google Play Store.

Ace Cleaner

Device cleaner and booster for Android

Ace Cleaner is a simple but efficient memory cleaner app for Android devices. It has a powerful optimization tool that is used to maximize device performance. The app provides several features such as ace boost, ace clean, battery saver, quiet notification, and CPU cooler. It also includes a feature that allows you to clean the duplicate photo from your storage and clean up storage space. Ace Cleaner helps to uninstall unwanted apps from your device.

Features of Ace Cleaner

  • The app removes all the cache files, junk files, APK files, and RAM junk files from your phone.
  • It optimizes apps and system performance.

Download the Ace Cleaner app from Google Play Store.

Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is a device cleaner app that boosts the performance of your Android device. This app is an all-in-one system optimizer app, which is used for more detailed cleanup. With the help of this app, you can improve your device performance, clean all the junk files of the phone, clean memory cache, kill background apps, and conserve battery life. It also allows the bulk uninstallation of apps.

Features of Droid Optimizer

  • It auto kills the background and foreground apps.
  • The app cleans, accelerate, and optimize your Android device.
  • It contains a dark theme.
  • It easily finds and removes the junk files fast.
  • Manage all your apps.

Clean Master

Clean Master is a popular and one of the best Android device cleaner apps as well as act as an antivirus. This app cleans junk files, boost device performance by cleaning RAM, and increase battery life. App developers claim that, they regularly update the virus database in real-time to detect the latest Android malicious and malware files. This cleaner removes junk app data, system cache, and junk from ads. It also detects the dangerous Wi-Fi networks and safeguards your device. Its “Charge Master” features display the battery charging status on the device status bar.

Features of Clean Master

  • It provides an app locker to keep your apps safe.
  • Wi-Fi security feature finds fake Wi-Fi connections.
  • It comes with a notification cleaner.
  • It also provides a feature called Photo Vault to hide your photos.

Cleaner – Boost, Clean, Space Cleaner

Cleaner by Apex is a device cleaner tool which cleans the junk files, cache files, temp files, and boost up your device performance. It stops such apps which consume the massive resource to avoid overheating. This device cleaner provides a feature to examine the device performance by running a speed test.

Special Features of Cleaner

  • It uses a unique algorithm technique that effectively cleans the background processes.
  • It disables those apps which get self start on non-root devices.
  • This app comes with a CPU cooler.
  • It also acts as a battery saver for extending battery performance.

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