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WooCommerce: How to Customize your Store Without Coding

by Tutor Aspire

WooCommerce, with 25% market share for website eCommerce solutions as of November 2019, is the most popular platform for building online stores. It’s easy to get a basic setup running and start selling your products online.

WooCommerce also offers a lot of hooks and filters for further customization – the only problem is you need to understand a bit of PHP programming.

This is where the WooCustomizer WordPress plugin comes in. WooCustomizer offers all of these filters and more, all neatly built into one WordPress plugin so you can visually customize your WooCommerce store in an ‘easy to use’ and intuitive interface within the WordPress Customizer.

No more creating a child theme to manually add code snippets to your WordPress website, no more adding multiple plugins and increasing the chance of bugs coming up… Just a simple, one plugin solution.

Built for non-coders & developers

WooCustomizer is built to be lightweight, fast and easy to use; the plugin only uses and includes the WooCommerce functionalities that you choose to use.

So whether you’re manually adding code snippets via a child theme you’ve created, or using the WooCustomizer plugin, it should not affect your site loading time by much.

Here’s a video walkthrough on using WooCustomizer settings:

What does WooCustomizer Offer?

WooCustomizer really offers a lot, it’s built for everyone from the novice user to the more advanced user wanting to fully customize their WooCommerce store. All the settings are built into the Customizer with an easy to use layout and offer help hints on what each setting can do.

Some of the main features in WooCustomizer are:

  • No child theme required.
  • Edit WooCommerce elements such as buttons, sale banners, account tabs and more.
  • Edit ‘Add To Cart’ button label by product type, change product section labels, add to the price text and more.
  • Add a ‘Continue Shopping’ button to product pages.
  • Add ‘Sold Out’ banners to products that are out of stock.
  • Add ‘New Product’ banners to products created with a specified number of days.
  • Design ‘Add to Cart’ buttons and ‘Sale’ banners for your WooCommerce products.
  • Edit or remove any elements on all WooCommerce pages.
  • Set WooCommerce Shop list products per page & products per row.
  • Display product stock amounts.
  • Remove Product Elements such as Title, product SKU, product Categories, tags & more.
  • Edit Product Page tabs and tab headings text for WooCommerce products.
  • Edit User Account Page Tabs & tab headings text for User Account sections.
  • Add custom text to the WooCommerce Empty Cart page.
  • Remove Checkout page fields or Order Notes for users purchasing on your store.
  • Add product mini-statistics for Administrator Users to see product sales on the site front-end.

…and much more.

We strive to build great products and provide fast support. If there are features users want or need help with, WooCustomizer has a contact form built into the WordPress dashboard making it very easy for users to contact the developers, whether it’s discussing new features for the plugin, offering CSS to better style elements, or debugging any issues and working out a solution to suit their needs, the developers would love to hear from you.

You can try out WooCustomizer by downloading it from the WordPress plugin repository: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocustomizer/

WooCustomizer Premium

WooCustomizer free doesn’t restrict settings from you to try get you to upgrade to WooCustomizer Pro – it simply offers extra optional features to further enhance your WooCommerce store.

Premium Features included in WooCustomizer Pro:

1. WooCommerce Catalogue Mode – Easily remove the purchase functionality from your eCommerce shop, turning your store into a beautiful online product catalogue.

Apply these settings to all products, selected products, or only to logged out users, prompting users to create an account and log in to purchase your products.

2. WooCommecre Product Quick View – Give your users the option to quick preview your products and easily ‘add to cart’ or browse the images from within a popup on your shop page, or click through to the product page after they’ve seen it all.

Product Quick View offers a neat popup on product and category shop pages, and comes with extra settings to configure to make it suits your store design.

3. WooCommerce Ajax Product Search – Add simple ajax product search to your search bar and configure the settings to display a prediction of products when your users start typing to search for your products.

Add multiple search bars as widgets or shortcodes anywhere on your site, or simply click to add a search bar to the top of your shop page.

4. WooCommerce Menu Cart – Easily add a WooCommerce cart to any menu area you select in the settings.

Add a drop down mini cart basket so your users can view their full shopping cart, add or remove products from their cart, or go straight to checkout and complete their purchase.

5. Add New User Account Tabs – Create new tabs for the User Account Page and build the new page using Gutenberg, Elementor or any other page builder of your choice.

6. More coming soon… There will be more premium features coming soon that users will really find useful. Get in touch with us if you have any ideas you’d like to suggest.

How does WooCustomizer benefit my store?

WooCustomizer was built with an intuitive, easy to use interface for you to easily customize only the elements you want to, without having to create a child theme and manually add WooCommerce code snippets yourself or find and install many different WooCommerce plugins.

WooCustomizer Pro, selling now from only $29, can save you from spending over $200 on multiple plugins to get the same functionality for your store. Specifically, WooCustomizer Pro includes premium functionalities such as:

  • Catalog Mode (similarly to YITH Catalogue Mode worth $50+, hide prices, add to cart and more)
  • Quick View (similarly to YITH WooCommerce Quick View worth $60+, preview and add to cart products without leaving the shop page) 
  • Ajax Search (similarly to YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search worth $70+, quickly find WooCommerce products)
  • Menu Cart (similarly to WooCommerce Menu Cart worth $27+, add cart icons to your current primary menu)

WooCustomizer Pro is an annual payment starting at $29 and can easily be cancelled at any time.

Any questions on WooCustomizer?

Feel free to contact the WooCustomizer developers for and questions or suggestions you have on using WooCustomizer.

Zack Viljoen

WooCustomizer is a personal project, a plugin built by me, Zack. That’s right – I look after product development, marketing and customer support. Working in the WordPress space for over 10 years has led to a solid understanding of what is needed to build great websites – and I’ve applied all my knowledge into WooCustomizer. I hope you like it!

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