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How to Install Magento in Ubuntu

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How to install Magento in Ubuntu 16.04


Magento is an open source CMS (Content Management System). It is widely used as e-commerce platform to create e-commerce web-sites.

Here, in this tutorial, we will install this CMS in Ubuntu operating system. Before installing, we must fullfil all the following prerequisite.


  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)

Following PHP Extensions

  • PHP Extension dom.
  • PHP Extension Curl.
  • PHP Extension mcrypt.
  • PHP Extension simplexml.
  • PHP Extension spl.
  • PHP Extension xsl.
  • PHP Extension intl.
  • PHP Extension mbstring.
  • PHP Extension ctype.
  • PHP Extension hash.
  • PHP Extension openssl.
  • PHP Extension zip.
  • PHP Extension xmlwriter.
  • PHP Extension gd.
  • PHP Extension iconv.

Login as root user in terminal

Install Magento

1) Download and Extract

Download latest magento version from the official site Download Magento./p>

After downloading, extract it into /var/www/html/ directory.

2) Run on Localhost

First, we need to set permission for the project to access it over the browser.

Now, access the folder from the localhost by specifying localhost/megento. Browser will produce the following output.

Software Magento 1

3) Setup Magento

Software Magento 2

Start Readiness Check

In this phase, magento installer verifies and checks all the required plugins available in the localhost.

After that it generates a report and displays as given below.

Software Magento 3

Setup Database

Create a database in MySQL byusing following command.

Provide database information and credentials to setup magento with database.

Software Magento 4

Web Configuration

Set home page url and magento admin address.

Software Magento 5

Set Date Time and Language

Software Magento 6

Create Admin Account

Software Magento 7

Start installation

Software Magento 8

Installation Progress

Software Magento 9

Installation Successful

Software Magento 10

Access Home Page by using localhost/magento

Software Magento 11

Admin Page

Access by using the localhost/magento/admin.

Software Magento 12

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