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Jsoup API

There are 6 packages in jsoup api providing classes and interfaces for developing jsoup application.

  1. org.jsoup
  2. org.jsoup.examples
  3. org.jsoup.helper
  4. org.jsoup.nodes
  5. org.jsoup.parser
  6. org.jsoup.safety
  7. org.jsoup.salect

There are many classes in the above packages. The main classes of jsoup api are given below:

  1. Jsoup
  2. Document
  3. Element

Jsoup class

The org.jsoup.Jsoup class provides methods to connect, clean and parse the HTML document.

The important methods of Jsoup class are given below:

Method Description
static Connection connect(String url) create and returns connection of URL.
static Documentparse(File in, String charsetName) parses the specified charset file into document.
static Documentparse(File in, String charsetName, String baseUri) parses the specified charset and baseUri file into document.
static Documentparse(String html) parses the given html code into document.
static Documentparse(String html, String baseUri) parses the given html code with baseUri into document.
static Documentparse(URL url, int timeoutMillis) parses the given URL into document.
static String clean(String bodyHtml, Whitelist whitelist) returns safe HTML from input HTML, by parsing input HTML and filtering it through a white-list of permitted tags and attributes.
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