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React Native vs Swift

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React Native vs Swift

React Native

React Native is the mobile app development framework, which is developed by Facebook. It is an open-source tool which is released in 2015. Using React Native, we can build iOS and Android applications. React Native utilizes the JavaScript and React. React Native is primarily used by Facebook, Airbnb, Instagram, and many more.


Swift is a general-purpose, a multi-paradigm and modern programming language which is developed by Apple Inc. to build there iOS- devices. It is a powerful and intuitive language which is easy to learn. It follows the Objective-C runtime library, which allows C, Objective-C, C++, and Swift code to run within one program.

Comparison between React Native and Swift

React NativeSwift
User InterfaceIt uses native component and APIs.iOS native
Speed of codingUp to 70% reusable code when coding for iOS and Android.Elegant and convenient in Swift, but need to be done from scratch. Android app has to be written separately.
PerformanceThrives when optimizing CPU usage may be supported by native components to perform heavy computations.iOS native deals good with computations on iOS.
Community and supportHeavily supported by a prosperous communityIt has a large community, but hard to compare it with React Native
StabilityNo issuesNo issues
DocumentationGreat and elegantGreat and elegant
The maturity of the platformLeverages all the legacy of JavaScriptRelatively new one

User Interface

Building the app with Swift is coding a native app from scratch. So, every element needs to be polished separately.

On the other hand, React Native uses JavaScript as a power behind the scene and leverages the initial API to run native elements.

Speed of coding

When we talk about coding, the Swift language took off the legacy of Objective -C used before.

On the other hand, React Native is a framework for JavaScript, which is a simple-yet-powerful working horse of web apps.


Generally, the native app should perform better than the framework-based one. But it is not so simple. As compare to Swift, React Native is slightly better when coming to CPU usage optimization. However, when we talk about graphic effects, it may be more troublesome for the framework. To overcome this challenge, React Native enables developers to embed the native code into the app.

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