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HR: Recruitment and Recruitment Process

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Recruitment and Recruitment Process


Recruitment is a continuous process that involves searching desired talent pool and stimulating or attracting them to apply for job openings in an organization.

Recruitment Process

It is a systematic procedure that is basically comprised of different HR activities. It gives emphasis on searching eligible candidates and encouraging them to apply for the jobs.

It is mainly comprised of six steps:

1) Identify the Vacant Position

The company analyzes the tasks to be performed and the skills required to perform the tasks. Based on this analysis, the vacant job positions are identified and defined. Accordingly, the vacant job positions are given the job titles like marketing manager, sales manager or finance manager.

Identify the Vacant Position

2) Prepare the Job Descriptions

After defining the vacant job positions, the job descriptions are defined. Job descriptions tell about the roles and responsibilities associated with a job such as the designation, list of tasks, salary, bonus, leave policy and other benefits.

Prepare the Job Descriptions

3) Prepare Job Specifications

Job specifications tell what kind of candidate with what skill set and qualification the company wants to hire. So it briefly describes the eligibility criteria for the job like skills, qualification and experience required for the job.

Prepare Job Specifications

4) Attracting the Eligible Candidates

In this step, the company attracts the eligible talent pool by posting the job openings on relevant platforms. There are mainly two sources used to attract the candidates, the internal and external. The internal sources include transfer, promotion and employee referrals. The external sources are job consultancies, educational institutes, job portals and advertisement in newspaper.

Attracting the Eligible Candidates

5) Screening the Candidates

This step refers to screening of the candidates who have applied or sent applications for the job. Screening is performed on the basis of job specifications?the skills, qualification and experience required for the job. The eligible candidates are shortlisted and called for the interview.

Screening the Candidates

6) Evaluation and Control

Time, costs and efforts of management are involved in recruitment process. So each step is evaluated and controlled at regular intervals to avoid deviations and get desired results.

Evaluation and Control

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