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RPA Services

RPA services allow organizations to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks of employees. These services transform the business process framework into an automated and intelligent enterprise system. RPA services include assessment, strategy, design, implementation, and support to enhance productivity, reduce operational cost, and improve the scalability of an organization.

Some of the important RPA services are given below:

Business Readiness Analysis

Business Readiness Analysis is considered as the first and most critical step towards digital transformation. This service helps customers to identify such business processes and applications that are ideal for robotic process automation. Business readiness analysis services cover the following tasks:

  • Process Assessment
  • Scope and Compatibility
  • Feasibility Study Report
  • Effort and Benefit Estimation

Business Case Discovery

The RPA business case discovery service includes business and process maturity assessment to develop an optimization roadmap. The team of experienced consultants works together with the business team to identify efficient workload for automation. They also help in the selection of the right RPA platforms based on the existing IT environment and the requirement of RPA.

Proof of Concept (POC)

As soon as the identification of ideal use cases is made, RPA experts will set the objectives for the RPA proof of concept. They further build an internal RPA framework and avail appropriate IT access rights for the bots. They also compare various performance measures to ensure that the RPA POC execution showcases the full extent of the RPA value. The RPA proof of concept services covers the following tasks:

  • Selection of POC Process
  • Identification of suitable RPA platform
  • Execution of Pilot Project
  • Creation of Reference Architecture


Most RPA vendors offer both attended (human-involved automation) and unattended automation (self-running automation). They also provide services like designing, development, and deployment of bots.

The automation developer creates software bots with the help of the RPA tool in the development stage. After the development and testing of the bots, they are deployed into the production environment.

The implementation service includes the following parts:

  • Process Definition Documents (PDD)
  • Solution Design Documents (SDD)
  • Designing, Development, and Deployment of Bots
  • Configuration and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Release Notes

Legacy System Integration

Many organizations are still using outdated legacy systems, which slow down operational processes. Since legacy systems are the foundation for most of the organizations. Hence legacy modernization becomes a challenging task during data migration and data accessibility. However, RPA supports easy integration for legacy systems. With the help of this service, such systems can be easily upgraded and modernized for compatibility with the latest technology to achieve the desired performance. Therefore, this service helps in faster operations and subsequent business growth.

Web Extraction Service

Web extraction service allows users to access accurate, relevant, structured, and legitimate data in the preferred formats. It helps them with market research, sentiment analysis, price comparison, etc.

With a web extraction service, users can easily extract data from numerous pages within minutes. It saves precious time and resources so that they can prioritize making the right business decisions.

RPA Monitoring and Support

Although RPA robots are designed and deployed to automate the operational tasks that require human intervention, there is still a space for improvement. That’s why most of the RPA vendors monitor and maintain the day-to-day tasks of bots. This type of routine analysis helps vendors to remove operational issues to ensure continuous improvement.

Benefits of RPA Services

  • Increase in Deliverable Output
  • Reduced Errors, so higher quality assurance and accuracy
  • Reduced Operating Costs, Greater Performance, and Quality
  • Maximum Flexibility – 24/7 Service Availability
  • Higher Productivity, Accelerated Productivity Gains
  • Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Why are RPA services Distinctive?

It is because the RPA services enhance the productivity of organizations after integration. These services help in the optimization of operational expenses, digital transformation, and support by eliminating repetitive and mundane manual tasks.

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