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Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • The sales cloud is the service provided by the salesforce.com platform, and it is part of the salesforce CRM system.
    Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • It helps the companies to support sales and provide marketing & customer support for the business-to-business and business-to-customer aspects of a business.
  • Salesforce automation is one of the popular sales tools that help the businesses to enhance the speed of the sales process, and streamline lead to cash.
  • As per the salesforce.com, more than 82,400 customers are using more than 135,000 applications that allows millions of subscribers worldwide to manage resources and processes more effectively.
  • It also allows to process more business in less time, collaborate more closely, and finish more deals early using SFA.
  • It is an entirely customizable cloud service of Salesforce that integrates all the customer related information at one place. It includes marketing, sales, lead generation, customer service, business analytics, etc., and also provides access to various other applications through the AppExchange.
  • The sales cloud allows businesses to grow their account faster, get new customers, and close the deal faster, and all these tasks can be performed from anywhere.

Features of Sales Cloud

Various features of Salesforce sales cloud are given below

  • Accounts and Contact Management
    The base of a sales process is the Accounts and Contact Management. There is one centralized place in reps that contain complete customer information at a place. It contains the account history, contacts, documents, customer interactions, and more. It allows us to track or manage all the customer information, activities, communication, and opportunities.
  • Lead Management
    To get more sales, business requires quality sales. The leads can be obtained from the websites, trade shows, or emails from the sales cloud. Using the sales cloud, the leads can be scored more efficiently. You can also automate the assignments to the correct sales reps within the required time period.
  • Opportunities and Quotes
    The opportunities and quotes in one centralized location allow the sales team to get the latest data opportunities, including the deal size, products, decision-makers, current stage of the deal, and customer communication.
  • Approval and Workflow
    The sales approval is crucial, and it is the end process to complete any sales. With the Sales cloud, the salesforce.com allows to automate the routine activities, remove the redundant and duplicate tasks, and respond to any change.
  • Email and Productivity
    Most of the time of the sales team is spent emailing their clients. With the salesforce.com, using any emailing app, the sales team can easily synchronize the address book, calendars and email, to improve sales productivity.
  • Content Library
    With the Salesforce CRM content, the sales team can get the centralized content library that allows the team to subscribe and search the latest version of the relevant sales to close the deals.
  • Analytics and Forecasting
    The analytics and forecasting feature helps the businesses to find the requirements for the sales pipeline and revenue growth.
    It also analyses the customer data for various modules, and visualize the sales result using the customized reports and dashboards.
  • Chatter
    Chatter is the salesforce service that allows the sales team to work together in real-time to close the deals faster. Chatter automatically provides an update to the users, data and documents to reduce the sales cycle.
  • Partners
    With the help of partner portal, we can have the great visibility of direct and indirect sales channels’ status at one centralized location. Using this, the company empowers the indirect sales channels to make more sales, and hence it maximizes the channel ROI.
  • Mobile
    Mobile’s access is the need of everyone in today’s world. Real-time access to the sales data is required for the sales reps when they are on process. With Salesforce Mobile access, the sales reps can remain plugged into the accounts with Blackberry, iPhone, or Windows phones.
  • Jigsaw Data Services
    With the Jigsaw Data service’s help, users can get the immediate access of millions of contacts and leads to remove the incorrect, incomplete, dead, or duplicate records while keeping the management processes automatic.
  • AppExchange
    AppExchange provides various add-on apps and services that increase the sales process efficiently. The AppExchange is the on-demand app-sharing service of Salesforce, allowing users to browse, test, and install applications to increase the sales revenue.

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