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SciPy Sub – Packages

SciPy has the number of sub-packages for the various scientific computing domains. The following table is given below:

1.scipy.clusterCluster algorithms are used to vector quantization/ Kmeans.
2.scipy.constantsIt represents physical and mathematical constants.
3.scipy.fftpackIt is used for Fourier transform.
4.scipy.integrateIntegration routines
6.scipy.linalgIt is used for linear algebra routine.
7.scipy.ioIt is used for data input and output.
8.scipy.ndimageIt is used for the n-dimension image.
9.scipy.odrOrthogonal distance regression.
10.scipy.optimizeIt is used for optimization.
11.scipy.signalIt is used in signal processing.
12.scipy.sparseSparse matrices and associated routines.
13.scipy.spatialSpatial data structures and algorithms.
14.scipy.specialSpecial Function.
16.scipy.weavesIt is a tool for writing.

Here, we described the brief introduction of the SciPy subpackages. We will learn about these packages in further tutorial.

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