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Blog Submission

Blogging is an important off-page optimization activity in which you submit blogs in blog submission sites, blog search engines, etc. It enables you offer fresh content to your users on a regular basis so that users keep visiting your site. Today, it has become an important SEO activity for the website owners who want to convert their visitors into actual customers. It not only helps you gain backlinks, earn profit, but also to build a good rapport with potential customers. Blogs are also popular as weblogs.

Blogging is a continuous process. You need to write and post the blogs at regular intervals. Your blogs should offer unique and useful information so that they could attract users as well as the search engines.

Benefits of blogging

Improves SEO: You can offer your users fresh and meaningful content by blogging consistently. The search engines also love to index fresh content where you can incorporate your keywords to get more exposure on search engine result pages.

Improves relationship: It helps you connect with your readers by asking relevant questions, feedback or comments at the end of the blog. You can also share your product and business updates with your clients and potential customers to maintain relationship.

Free marketing: If your blogs are useful the readers will share it with others. They can share your link, tweet it or email the information to others. Thus, indirectly they are doing the free marketing for you.

Helps Build authority: It gives you the opportunity to share industry related news and information which helps you establish authority in your niche.

More Inbound links: Blogging is one of the smartest ways to generate authoritative links to your website. Your meaningful blogs are resources for other writers who can mention your website in their articles which will generate inbound links.

Some of the free high authority blog submission sites are as follows:

  • www.alltop.com
  • www.blogcatalog.com
  • www.ontoplist.com
  • www.blogarama.com
  • www.blogadda.com
  • www.bloghints.com
  • www.blogflux.com
  • www.entireweb.com
  • www.seoheights.com
  • www.bloggerspassion.com

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