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What is the full form of SPSS

SPSS: Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

SPSS stands for Statistical Package For The Social Sciences. It is basically a software package used for software analysis. This software is used in many fields such as health sciences, market researchers, data miners, marketing organizations, education researchers and government.

Statistics included in the base software:

  1. Descriptive statistics
  2. Bivariate statistics
  3. Prediction for numeral outcomes
  4. Prediction for identifying groups

SPSS full form


It was first released in 1968 as SPSS. In 1983 came version 10 (spss-X), in which data files could contain multiple record types.

Version 16.0 and later could run under Linux, Mac and Windows. On July 28, 2009 SPSS announced that it is being acquired by IBM. Because of the dispute of ownership of the name the product was referred to as PASW (Predictive Analytics Software).

In January 2010, it became SPSS, an IBM company. Complete ownership was given to IBM on October 1, 2010.

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