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T Flip-Flop | Computer Organization and Architecture Tutorial

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T Flip-Flop

T flip-flop is a much simpler version of the J-K flip-flop.

T Flip-Flop

Both the J and K inputs are connected and are also called as a single input J-K Flip-flop.

Triggering of Flip-Flops

The state of the flip-flop is changed by a momentary change in the input signal. This momentary change is known as Trigger, and the transition it causes is said to triggering the flip-flop.

Pulses trigger clocked flip-flops.

A pulse start from the initial value of ‘0’, goes momentarily to ‘1’, and after a short while, returns to its initial ‘0’ value.

A clock pulse is either positive or negative.

A positive clock source remains at ‘0’ during the interval between pulses and goes to 1 during the occurrence of a pulse.

The pulse goes through two signal transition: from ‘0’ to ‘1’ and return from ‘1’ to ‘0’.

Definition of clock pulse transition:

T Flip-Flop

The positive transition is defined as a positive edge and the negative transition as a negative edge.

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