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WooCommerce: How to Test Geolocation?

by Tutor Aspire

Great question, isn’t it?

How do you make sure your shipping, taxes and currency settings are working properly when they depend on geolocation and you can only test from a single world location?

WooCommerce uses a free geolocation service called MaxMind. By default this is active via the settings but can be disabled. The set of functions (or class) that WooCommerce uses is in the /includes folder, and it’s called Class WC_Geolocation.

Why WooCommerce Geolocation

If you have enabled “geolocation” in your WooCommerce settings (see image), shipping, taxes, currencies and conditional content will be chosen based on the user IP address.

WooCommerce snippets like this can print content on screen based on IP address. Also, plugins such as the currency switcher can automatically geolocate the user in order to function.

Geolocation Testing Tools

A couple of Google searches, and the answer is right there! There are at least 3 decent website services (freemium model) that allow you to test your website from different locations. As a result, you get a screenshot from each location.

These tools are:

Happy testing 🙂


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