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Verbal Analogies

11) Gravity: Pull

  1. Water: Rain
  2. Mountain: Height
  3. River: Depth
  4. Magnetism: Attraction

Answer: D

Explanation: Gravity pulls objects towards Earth. It is a kind of attraction. Similarly, magnets attract objects made of iron or other magnets.

12) Breeze: Cyclone

  1. Drizzle: Downpour
  2. Rain: Rainbow
  3. Earth: Earthquake
  4. Sun: Sunburn

Answer: A

Explanation: Breeze is a light, gentle wind, whereas cyclone refers to strong winds. Similarly, Drizzle is a light rain that falls in very fine drops, whereas, the downpour is heavy rainfall.

13) Sculptor: Statue then Poet: ?

  1. Pen
  2. Verse
  3. Chisel
  4. Imagine

Answer: B

Explanation: Sculptor is an artist who creates statues. Similarly, a poet writes verse.

14) Zoologist: Animals

  1. Botanist: Plants
  2. Soldier: War
  3. Doctor: Treatment
  4. Scientist: Oncology

Answer: A

Explanation: Zoologists study animals, similarly, botanists study plants.

15) Puppy: Dog

  1. Kitten: Mew
  2. Calf: Cow
  3. Lion: Roar
  4. Grass: Green

Answer: B

Explanation: Puppy is a baby dog. Similarly, a calf is a baby cow.

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