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VipTools (VipTools.es)

Are you looking for an Android app that increases your free real views and followers on your TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platform? If yes, then this article for you.

VipTools is an Android app that lets you make more real followers, likes, and comments on TikTok and other social media platforms. Using the VipTools, you can increase unlimited real followers, likes, and comments to become more famous.

TikTok becomes one of the trending social media apps. Its users are crazy for the top video creator, getting likes, followers, and finally to become famous. It is not easy to get more views and followers for the new users by using the TikTok app.

However, using some third-party apps and tricks, you can boost your views, likes, comments, and followers. One such app is VipTools, which increases people’s engagement on your TikTok account, and videos go viral fast and free.


VipTools app is easy for everyone to use anywhere, anytime, without any changes. This app is safe & secure and never harms your account at all.

Viptools.es officially develop this app. You can also use the feature of this app on viptools.es without login or installation app. Unfortunately, currently, this website is not reachable; instead, you can use its VipTools app.

What is VipTools APK for TikTok?

VipTools application helps TikTok users increase their followers and get views, like live streaming videos and comments. Even if you have large fan followers, you can use this app and get more attention on your account and videos.

It is a website, viptools.es, that provides all such services. But due to the request of Android users, they launch their services into the official Android app. So that Android users can easily use their services on smartphones and tablets.

Features of VipTools APK

  1. Boost unlimited followers: As we know that social media users always wish to boost their followers. But at the beginning stage, it isn’t easy on almost all platforms, whether it is TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc., to get followers, views, and likes on their posts.
    So user searches for such apps/tools that help to generate more followers. For such a case, the VipTools app is an ideal solution available for free to use.
  2. Unlimited hearts and views: Normally, a user cannot instantly get enough hearts and views on TikTok after creating videos. Which discourages them, and slowly they stop making videos. In such a case, this app helps to get instant real hearts and views, which means other users are enjoying your short videos.
  3. Safe & secure: The app is safe to use, and even you don’t need to create an account on this app to get views, likes, hearts, followers, and comments on your TikTok videos. You will get all its services without any registration.
  4. Lightweight & fast: The app is lightweight and runs fast & smooth; it is compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets.
  5. Free: The app is free to use without any hidden charges.
  6. No permission requires: The app doesn’t ask for any permission to use it.

Download and install VipTools APK

The VipTools application is currently available for Android users; if you have used another OS device, please check out the official website for an alternative.

Download the latest version of the VipTools app’s APK from any third-party internet source.

Step 1: Download the APK from here.

Step 2: Launch your device’s Settings.

Step 3: Tap on the security (& privacy).

Step 4: Turn On the Unknown source installation.

Step 5: Go to your File Manager App, and under the Download folder, tap on the APK file to install it normally.

Step 4: If VipTools ask for permissions, allow all of them.

Step 5: Now, on the home screen, enter the captcha code in the text field and click on submit.

Step 6: Finally, select your service type and follow on-screen instructions.

How to use VipTools APK?

Below is the process to use VipTools APK to get numerous real views, likes, hearts, and followers on your TikTok account and videos.

1. How to get likes and hearts on TikTok using VipTools?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get more likes or hearts on your TikTok videos using the VipTools app.


  1. Download and install the VipTools app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Launch your VipTools app.
  3. Now look for the Views option and click on its button.
  4. After that, copy your TikTok videos URL and Paste it on Enter URL area and click on the Search
  5. The VipTools fetches your TikTok video.
  6. Now click on the Send likes button.
  7. Finally, you send likes to your TikTok videos.

2. How to get TikTok followers?

There is a simple way to get numerous TikTok followers on your account using the VipTools app; follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Launch your VipTools app on your phone.
  2. Complete the verification steps.
  3. Now, look for the Followers option and click on its button.
  4. On the next screen, enter your TikTok username and click on the Search
  5. Now click on the Send Followers button.
  6. Finally, you successfully send Followers to your TikTok ID.

Trick to use VipTools unlimited

VipTools is an excellent app to get unlimited views, likes or hearts, and followers on your TikTok account. However, it only offers limited access to get hearts and followers.

The app itself provides a limit to use if you want to get likes and followers. You can use it at an interval of 30 minutes.

However, you can overcome this limit by using an external VPN (virtual private network) app. As the VipTools app works on IP address, you can change your IP address using VPN and use the app unlimited.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using VipTools

There are some advantages and disadvantages of using the VipTools app, which is mentioned below:

Advantages: VipTools app is free to use, which provides the facility to increase real followers, and like on your TikTok account. This app is for you if you want to boost unlimited views, likes, and followers on your TikTok account.

Disadvantages: Instead, it facilitates increasing followers, but the app does not come from a trusted source. If you are using this app to increase views on TikTok videos, there may be chances that your TikTok account could get banned.

Frequently asked questions about the VipTools app:

Is the VipTools app is safe?

Yes, the VipTools app is safe to use; it is suggested to use it under the limit. You can also read its privacy-policy and disadvantage.

Where could I get the latest version of the VipTools app?

There are various sources on the internet from where you can find the latest version of the VipTools app (APK) for your Android phone.

How to use the VipTools app to get more likes and followers?

You have to download and install the app from a trusted source; after that, click on the hearts or followers button and then enter the URL of your videos or TikTok username.

The TikTok hearts are real and safe?

Yes, sending the TikTok heart using this app is completely safe and real.

What is VipTools.es?

The VipTools.es is a website that offers the VipTools app for TikTok users to increase views, likes, comments, followers on your video and account.

Can I get banned for using VipTools app for TikTok?

No, you couldn’t get banned from your TikTok account for using the VipTools app. However, it is suggested to read the privacy policy to use VipTools.

What is new about VipTools?

The VipTools app’s APK works fine on Android smartphones. It provides all the services that provide its official websites. Now the tool is upgraded to offer security to your accounts, so it is anti-ban.

However, if you are looking for its official website, viptools.es, it gets renamed to the new website zefoy.com. So, now you can visit its new website zefoy.com and enjoy this feature there.

You can enjoy its services for its renamed website zefoy.com or download the VipTools app’s APK from here.

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