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WazirX Review

WazirX is the most famous Indian crypto exchange platform in India. It is an excellent place for Indian crypto investors. It offers 100+ cryptocurrencies for trade with a higher growing user base, including its WRX tokens.


  • WazirX is a crypto exchange platform with a maximum number of users in India.
  • You can start trading with WazirX by completing some steps like sign-up, completing the KYC process, depositing INR, and then start the investment.
  • WazirX allows you to use UPI to make deposits in addition to NEFT / RTGS / IMPS and bank transfer.
  • You can transfer crypto assets to the WazirX wallet.
  • WazirX allows you to buy or sell USDT by P2P exchange and cannot charge any fee.
  • You can maintain your portfolio by paying some amount of your profits to the traders.
  • WRX coin is a Wazirx token, and you can use it easily and pay your trading fees.
  • We withdraw INR to your registered bank account in WazirX. In the case of crypto assets, we could transfer them to our wallet also.
  • The fees charged by WazirX are higher as compared to market competitors.
  • WazirX offers a simple trading app, and you can download it from Play Store on Android or App Store on iPhone. We can earn 50% of the trading fee as a commission by the referral program of WazirX.
  • They provide 24 × seven support. However, you can only submit a request via mail.

How to trading on WazirX?

It takes very little time to start trading on WazirX. You have to create an account, complete the KYC process, deposit money, and then you are all set to make your first trade on WazirX.

WazirX P2P

WazirX offers a peer-to-peer exchange service. In the case of P2P, you can only exchange in USDT. WazirX has buyer and seller matching software that matches you to the right seller when placing the order as a buyer.

WazirX Review: Supported Cryptocurrencies

WazirX supports more than 100 crypto assets. Some of them are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Binance Coin, and more.

WazirX Coin (WRX)

WRX is a token based on the Binance blockchain and has a market supply of a maximum of 2 billion coins. You can trade WRX coins on WazirX because recently, its value is increased. If you use WRX for trading fees, you will get a discount. You can also use WRX coins to purchase crypto assets. Users holding the WRX coin are listed on WazirX for airdrop and many benefits also.

WRX mining

You can unlock WRX coins by trading in the BTC, INR, and USDT markets. When WRX phase 1 is completed, and you can only wait for further announcements.

WazirX STF: Smart Token Fund

An intelligent token fund is a way of connecting skilled traders and non-experienced traders who can help each other build portfolios. This is similar to copy trading, where you buy a professional investor portfolio; He does all the business for you. However, it cannot free you from market risks as cryptocurrencies are highly volatile asset classes.

Who should invest in STF?

STF allows you to buy an intelligent token to give your portfolio a skilled investor’s who have not time or skills to manage their portfolios. Then the professional investor makes all the trades at your place.

WazirX Features

1. Accessible Across Platforms

The WazirX trading platform is accessed on web, android, iOS mobiles, Windows, and Mac.

You have to download the applications from Google Play Store or Apple Store and get started, or you can log in directly from its website on the trading platform.

2. Range of Cryptocurrency

You can trade over 100 Crypto currencies paired with USDT. USDT is a currency backed by US Dollar.

According to Teether, USDT is 100% supported by Teether’s US dollar reserves. The conversion rate is equivalent to 1 tether USD to 1 USD. But price is depending on demand and supply.

The last four months price movements of USDT with comparison to the US Dollar are below:

Currency As on
1st February 2021
As on
1st March 2021
As on
1st April 2021
As on
1st May 2021
US Dollar
1.000528 USD 1.001505 USD 1.000417 USD 1 USD

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