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What is Discord?

In this new era of internet and multiplayer online gaming it is not always an enjoyable experience, particularly when it comes to interaction while playing the games. In this section we are going to learn about the Discord tool, how to use it.

As there was no other option left for the conversation, so the gamers came up with the chat option. It was a very good approach to solve the problem but was not very much efficient to discuss the strategies among team mates as it was a global chat.

Then the introduction of private chats was introduced which solved the problem to a great extent. But still the problem resides which was taken seriously by developers and they created an application know as Discord. Discord enables the players to talk to their fellow team mates directly.

What is Discord?

With over quarter of billion user, Discord is most common and known way the user connects online. Discord is used to connect directly via voice, video, or text, and join servers to interact with world-wide larger community.

The service also gave free PC games to paying customer as gaming is undoubtedly the object of Discord. Any online community, can take advantage of the functionality provided by Discord.

How to Join Discord

When gaming online, there are many ways to chat, but many of them are linked to their particular consoles or platforms. Due to the reason that it is agnostic on the platform, Discord succeeds. Joining Discord is as simple as using the service or installing the free software.

We can also sort them according to categories when building channels. We can add and post mates, check servers at the top (or on the bottom of the mobile) and see if we’ve been listed on a server.

Single user can join 100 servers and we can change which servers we would like to receive updates from. A different nickname can be assigned to different servers. Friends don’t need to share a server to connect directly, we can also invite friends we’ve added from one server to another.

How to Use Discord

Along with Discord, you use it, however apart from any other operation you do. Tell that you’ve got a group of friends with whom you still play fighting games. You can all use, launch and access the same Discord server seamlessly from any computer.

Crossplay already enables players of selected online games to compete on other consoles against rivals, so Discord is a suitable option for groups of players who take advantage of it.

Discord offers both private and public servers. Private servers are for cool friends to hang out with not strangers itching to yell at you. They also work with any kind of contact that needs confidentiality.

Public servers have their place as well as is significant in its own cause. Public Discord servers are for fans of a common topic to all talk with each other and support their culture.

Develop custom emotes for the in-jokes on your server. Moderators will block users who are problematic. Developers have been known to communicate with users loyal to their game on checked Discord servers. Up to 500,000 users will have such checked servers.

Discord does not compete with Twitch and other live streaming services for video games, even though it has video features. Instead, Discord is more than that of what we call as a Twitch supplementary service. You will communicate with other fans on the Discord channel when looking at your favourite streamer.

When Drake and Ninja teamed up to play Fortnite on Twitch, they had used Discord to connect in 2018. As long as those fans remain subscribed to the server or channel, streamers can also reward their fans back who sync Discord with their Mixer, Patreon, Twitch, or YouTube accounts.

Discord Is not Just for Gamers

Discord also has its uses for non-gaming personals too. The website advertises about so many things which includes book clubs, dance workshops, and interactive conferences in societies. Discord has researched and came up with the fact that teens use Discord for everything from preparing for exams to watching Netflix together.

children are bound to discover even more innovative uses for Discord. we can link streaming Spotify music to your Discord account so that friends can see and listen to what we’re listening to too while we care on same server. With the COVID-19 outbreak bringing the entire planet under lockdown and practically making us talk, many things are being discovered using Discord platform.

Does Discord Costs us Money?

No, rather Discord is free to download and without ever paying, we can use it just fine. However, with Discord Nitro, available in two levels, Discord users can enjoy premium extras which brings some efficient features in addition.

Some features of premium version are as follows. At $5 a month or $50 per year, Discord Nitro Classic is the cheaper premium tier. This subscription allows us to change your four-digit username tag, your profile’s Nitro badge, custom emotes that you can use outside your home server, and the ability to transform animated GIFs into avatar photos and emojis. Video performance also increases.

A 1080p live stream at 60fps. Either 720p at 60fps or 1080p at 30fps screen sharing.

We get two Server Boosts as well with the premium version. It levels up and unlocks more functionality for all members of that server when a server gets boosted enough times and gives more features to the people in the server. These benefits can include more emoji slots inside the server, a vanity URL for use, custom invite artwork, animated icons, a server banner, and other features in addition, such as better video quality and higher upload caps, otherwise reserved for paying members.

So even if we are not paying, if your server’s sense of community is powerful enough to make other members pay for it, you can still get premium benefits. It’s even more motivation for Discord users, like other online gaming community spaces, to make servers kind and friendly, not aggressive and toxic.

Soon, as per the growing demand and technology, we will be able to connect your Discord and Xbox accounts so that friends can easily see what you play on your console on the gaming chat app.

We can now choose whether or not to give our Discord friends the opportunity to see that and decide if they want to jump on their Xbox and join you if you’re playing Sea of Thieves or any game upon your Xbox.

One most demanded feature-The account link feature is expected to arrive in the “coming weeks.” in the Discord PC and mobile apps.

“these steps has to be followed if we want to link accounts and your Xbox Live game presence can be shared across Discord, which will be enabling friends and users in your same Discord servers to see what you’re playing on Xbox Live,” McCulloch writes.

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