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What is PouchDB?

PouchDB is an open-source, NoSQL, in-line database written in JavaScript. It is modeled after CouchDB. It can save data locally so it works well offline as well as online. By using PouchDB, a user can build applications that can work offline and online.

PouchDB is a JavaScript implementation of CouchDB. Its is mainly used to emulate the CouchDB API with near-perfect fidelity, while running in the browser or in Node.js.

PouchDB internally uses WebSQL and IndexDB to store data.

How does PouchDB work even Offline?

PouchDB works offline as good as online. While offline, PouchDB stores data locally using WebSQL and IndexedDB in the browser. When the application is back online, it is synchronized with CouchDB and compatible servers.

Using PouchDB, you can communicate with both local and remote databases seamlessly without noticing any difference.

How PouchDB works

PouchDB Features

Following is the most important features of PouchDB:

PouchDB is Cross-Browser: The API given by PouchDB can work same in every environment so you can run a PouchDB application in various different browsers. For example: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE and Node.js

PouchDB is Lightweight: PouchDB is a very lightweight API. You can include it very easily by using script tag.

PouchDB is easy to learn: PouchDB is very easy to learn but you have some programming skills.

PouchDB is Opensource: PouchDB is opensource and it is available on Github.

PouchDB Advantages

  • PouchDB is extremelly fast because it resides inside the browser and there is no need to perform queries over the network.
  • PouchDB facilitates you to synchronize the data with any of the supported server that?s why your app can run both online and offline.

Supporting Browsers

Following is a list of browsers that support PouchDB:

  • Firefox 29+ (Including Firefox OS and Firefox for Android)
  • Chrome 30+
  • Safari 5+
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Opera 21+
  • Android 4.0+
  • iOS 7.1+
  • Windows Phone 8+

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