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Difference Between Whatsapp Messenger and Viber

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Difference Between Whatsapp Messenger and Viber

What is Whatsapp Messenger?

It is an American freeware and cross-platform instant messaging service which is owned by Facebook Inc.

Whatsapp Inc. was founded in the year 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Both Brian Acton and Jan Koum are former employees of Yahoo.

This service allows you to send voice and text messages using the internet and Wifi connection. It also allows users to share images, documents, and other media options.

This service is becoming popular between teenagers because of the features like group chatting, video calling, and location sharing.

This service can be easily run on Nokia, blackberry, windows phones, and android smartphones. Every user can run this application freely on their smartphones.

What is Viber?

It is an instant messaging software application and is provided as freeware for MS Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux platforms.

Viber allows end-users to transfer media such as images, videos, messages, and calls to anyone and anywhere in the entire world.

Viber is written in C, C++, Python, and Java.

Difference between Whatsapp Messenger and Viber

Whatsapp Messenger Viber
1. This service is owned by Facebook, Inc. 1. This service is owned by Rakuten Japan Company.
2. It does not allow communities for group communication. 2. It allows the ‘communities’ option for group communication.
3. Whatsapp Messenger service is add-free. 3. This service contains ads.
4. It does not provide a game for playing. 4. It provides the games.
5. Whatsapp does not offer a hidden chat feature. 5. It offers the hidden chat option to keep our conversations private from the users who may use our device.
6. As compared to Viber, it provides fewer stickers for colorful chatting. 6. As compared to Whatsapp Messenger, it provides more stickers for colorful chatting.
7. There is no option to make calls on the mobile number or landline number. 7. It provides the Viber Out option, which enables users to make calls on landline and mobile numbers.
8. Whatsapp does not have public chats. 8. It uses public chats, which allows you to connect with the public accounts.
9. It does not provide the sign-in option with Facebook. 9. Whereas, it provides the sign-in option with Facebook.

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