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When was Google created

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When was Google created?

When was Google created


The world’s leading search engine, is the prime source of information for 90% of the people. If you are reading this tutorial, you will probably know that Google is Internet-related services and products, including online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Still, I am sure very few people know how it was created.

Though Larry Page and Sergey Brin formally launched Google search in the year 1998, which later emerged as the leading web-based search engine but it was not started from there.

Google Origin: BackRub 1996

In 1995, two computer science students named Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Stanford University came together to work upon a computer program search engine that used links to track and record data on the World Wide Web. Initially, they named the program as “BackRub” because algorithm used to create the program could calculate how many “back-links” a web page contains.

The bottom line of BackRub program was a data collection procedure named as PageRank, which allocated a web site’s position significance by tracking the number of web pages, determining the content relevancy of those webpages, and linking them to the original page.

At that point of time even Larry and Brin were unaware that they have created the biggest search engine that would be hub of information. BackRub led straight to the origin of Google, which was funded by its co-founders Larry and Bryn working out of their Stanford University on a tight budget.

Though they try to cut down the cost by using discounted computer parts. Later, their project was funded by Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems.

He helped the company with $100,000, to get the company up and running by 1998, and this was the year when Google was officially incorporated.

Soon after this cash started flowing in the company and Google arose to the summit of the internet search engine ladder in 1999, the same year the co-founders of Google opened up the first Google offices in Menlo Park, Ca, United States.

The new company’s goal was clear and direct: “To systematize the world’s information and make accessible and useful globally.”

The term Google has a fascinating backstory. The word “Google” is derivative upgradation of the term “googol” – a mathematical word representing the number 10, r aised to the power of a hundred (10100).

In accordance with Google’s history, both the co-founders perceived the term as a boundless approach to encapsulate the difficult task of assembling information on everything on the World Wide Web.

Google Growth Patterns

In the arising years, Google experienced a graph of steady growth. To maintain their success, they hired IT specialists, developers, business analysts, computer scientists, sales and marketing staff, accounting officials.

They replaced their old garage office with an upgraded office campus setting, “The Googleplex,” located in Mountain View, California, US.

What has Google Done Since 2000?

Google launched its profit-making business named “AdWords” in 2002. It’s a third-party advertising initiative that works on a page-per-click mechanism where Google displayed various ads on different web pages.

Though, Page and Bryn approached Yahoo to help in funding their company seeking $3 billion. Yahoo disapproved the proposal, initiating Google to raise funds from elsewhere. This motivated them to start Google AdWords, and today over the past 22 years, the popularity of AdWords has significantly grown, and it is a colossal profit hub for Google.

Soon after, Google turned out numerous vital initiatives, Google AdSense (2003), a product that facilitated businesses associating with worldwide advertisers at the click of a button.

The following year (2004), Google launched another product named Gmail on April Fool’s day. Gmail specialized in sending and receiving emails.

The list of Google products introduced so far are as follows:

S.No. Google products Launched Year
1. Google Maps 2005
2. YouTube was introduced in 2005, but later Google overtook it. 2005
3. Google Earth 2005
4. Google Calendar 2006
5. Google Finance 2006
6. Google Street View 2007
7. Google Android 2007
8. Google Chrome 2008
9. Google Voice 2009
10. Google Labs 2012

10 Fun Facts About Google

  1. Google carries an index of at least 3 billion websites. Whenever any user searches on Google, they explore through all these websites and are given the results in a few milliseconds. To rank your website index on the top, you must work on its SEO (Social media optimization).
  2. Google is also famous for its informal April Fool’s Day pranks. Gmail, one of the leading email platforms, was also introduced on April 1, 2004. Though, at that time, all the Google users took Gmail as an April fool prank. Today it’s one of the most dominant Google services used by 90% of the people around the world.
  3. In 2007, Google was listed by Fortune magazine as the best company in the US for the employees to work in.
  4. Today, Google has more than 88,000 employees working with it, but do you know Google had hired its first employee in 1998, whose name is Craig Silverstein.
  5. Hollywood introduced Google as an English verb by using the term “to Google” on one of its well-known TV shows, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” on October 15, 2002.
  6. The word “Google” is named after the term “googol“; a mathematical word representing the number 10, raised to the power of a hundred (10100).
  7. Google is significant in today’s era, and it influences internet usage. Google was not active for 5 minutes on 6 Aug 2013; as per reports, within those 5 minutes, the global Internet usage experienced a downfall of 40%.
  8. Today, Google is well known as one of the best pet-friendly workstations in the U.S. During its early days, an employee named Urs Hoelzle brought his dog named Yoshka every day to work.
  9. Back in 1997, there was a time when the co-founders of Google wanted to sell their search engine, and they approached Yahoo and bit 2 million To their fortune, Yahoo rejected their offer. 5 years later, in 2002, Yahoo came back, and this time they offered 3 billion dollars to Google, but this time Google refused.
  10. Google provides its services globally. Therefore the homepage of Google is available on the Internet in 80 different languages.

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