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White Corn vs Yellow Corn

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Difference between White Corn and Yellow Corn

Corn or maize, which is a grain crop, is a staple food in many parts of the world. It is very popular grain crop as growing corn is not difficult and it can be grown in a variety of climatic conditions. It has been considered a good source of food and fuel. There are many varieties of corn, out of which, white and yellow corn are most common. Let us see how white corn differs from yellow corn!

White Corn:

White corn is a grain crop that belongs to the Gramineae grass family. It is one of the varieties of sweet corn that is grown in different parts of the world. It is not only a grain but also considered a vegetable and a fruit. It is considered grain as it is a dry seed of a species of grass; it is a vegetable when it is harvested before maturity; it is a fruit as per botanical definition as it is the seed-bearing part of a flowering plant.

Its white colour is due to the presence of two recessive Y alleles. These alleles in white corn do not produce carotenoids, the plant pigments responsible for red, orange and yellow colours in many fruits and vegetables. Hence the endosperm remains white. The endosperm is responsible for the colour of corn kernels; hence white corn has white kernels.

White corn contains plenty of sugar and water in its kernels that make it sweet and juicy. As the corn matures, the water content decreases and the sugar changes into starch which hardens the kernels. White corn can be grown in any season as it can survive in a variety of weather conditions.

Yellow Corn:

Yellow corn is also a variety of sweet corn. It can be considered as a grain, a fruit or a vegetable depending on its maturity and use. This variety of corn is developed from after a series of research on white corn. It produces carotenoids pigments due to the presence of a single dominant Y allele. These pigments are responsible for the different colours (yellow, orange, red etc.) in fruits and vegetables. They are present in the endosperm and give the kernels their yellow colour.

Yellow corn also contains plenty of water and sugar in its kernels. It has a sweet flavour and often steamed, roasted or grilled before eating. It is also used as a sweetener in some foods and beverages. It also gives corn flour for that it is left to mature and dry then ground to produce corn flour.

Based on the above information, some of the key differences between white corn and yellow corn are as follows:

White Corn Yellow Corn
The kernels are creamy white in colour. Kernels are pale to dark yellow in colour.
It is the most common type of sweet corn. It is the second most common type of sweet corn.
It does not contain carotenoids (pigments responsible for colour) so its kernels are white. It contains carotenoids which give its kernels the yellow colour.
It has less lutein than yellow corn. It has more lutein than white corn.
It is sweeter than yellow corn. It is less sweet than white corn.
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