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Who Invented Aeroplane

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Who Invented Aeroplane

There is a very famous saying of Plato,

Necessity is the mother of Invention.

It means every need lead to the road of invention. Many years ago when humans lived in the forests, they used to walk. They walk with bare feet in search of shelter and food. When human realized that it takes lot of time in traveling so after some time man invented the wheel. After that human had started travelling by Bullock Carts and Horse Cart which has made the journey more comfortable and faster.

But that was not sufficient, human want to travel faster. Then engine came into the picture which was driven by fuel.

In earlier times, when human saw the birds in the sky so he also wanted to fly. From there the desire of humans to fly was awakened which was not possible. It is against the law of nature, because nature hasn’t given humans wings to fly. But what is it that man can’t get by his hard work? Let’s know the flight of man from ground to the sky:

Who invented first airplane? When it was invented? And what is the story behind the invention? Here we are going to discuss all these aspects and all the stories behind the invention of first airplane:

Who invented Airplane?

Early life of Wright Brothers

Wilber Wright and Orville Wright were the two brothers who lived in the America. Wilbur Wright was the elder brother. He was born in April 16, 1871 and Orville was born in August 19, 1871.Bishop Milton Wright was the father of them. Their mother was Susan K. Wright. She was very good with machines and she was too desperate to learn more about mechanical things which was a rare thing in itself. She was also very good at mathematics and science. Mother’s teachings had a profound effect on both the brothers and probably from there, their interest in science arose.

Both brothers were played together. Later on, both of them invented airplane. These brothers are known as Wright Brothers for their golden achievement.

When and How?

The whole journey of when they invented airplane and how the invented, let’s see this journey into small pieces of stories:

Helicopter Toy Incidence-

The whole story had begun from a toy shop. One day Wright Brothers were going on a toy shop with their father. At that time Wilber was 11 years old and Orville was only 7 years old. Their father bought a Toy Helicopter for them which really flew. That toy had planted a seed of flying in their mind. So they decided to make their own aircraft.

When they grew up, the boys still wanted to know about flight. They discussed their thought of flight with others but no-one took them seriously. They did so many businesses. They opened a printing press. When people started riding bicycles, they opened a bicycle shop. After some time, they also opened a garage for where they made their own bikes. But all these works was not satisfactory for them because they wanted to fly from the beginning. After so many researches and efforts, finally in 1900, they picked North Carolina as the best suitable spot to fly. They were ready with their first glider which was appearing like a giant kite. From 1900 to 1903, they did approximately two thousands experiments with gliders. By experimenting with gliders, they studied about the principles of flight. And then they made a Human Glider.

Finally the day came-

And finally 17 December, 1903 they flight the first successful flight in the human history. And after so many efforts they made The First Practical Fixed Wing Aircraft. They discovered so many profound theories and methods to control flight. Without these methods, in today’s time to fly aircraft was not possible. And such deep knowledge about mechanics came from their experiences with several machines such as printing press machine, bicycle, motor engines etc. By observing bicycle, they believed that imbalances of aircraft can be balanced and controlled by practices. They did research on the Flight of Birds and how they maintain balance with their wings?

Focus on balance and control-

While other inventors were focusing on speed of aircraft, on the other hand Wright Brothers always kept their focus on discovering the formula of balance and control. They succeeded in controlling their aircraft in all Three Axes of Flight.

Wright Brothers Achievements-

In their patent, it claimed that Wright Brothers discovered the new branch of science that is Aerodynamics. Another achievement of Wright Brothers was; they discovered the technique to balance the aircraft and to change the direction of aircraft. Those techniques became the standards for airplanes.

With the sharp mind, Wilbur also became the successful business in the United States and Europe. Wilbur had served the Wright Company as a President. In 1909, Wright Brothers became the popular celebrities in Europe. They were constantly featured in interviews, newspapers and magazines.

Sudden Death-

On 30 May, 1912 Wilbur Wright died due to typhoid fever. It was very sadly he died in a young age. Orville Wright died on 30 January, 1948.

The Wright Brothers was gift for humanity. They made the dream of human’s flight come true. They will always be known for their principles of flight and their legacy.

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