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Who invented free fire

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Who invented free fire

Free fire game is a very well-known battle Royale game on the mobile phone. Even before the emergence of PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground), the free fire was the first game that carried the battle Royale role-playing game to mobile phones.

A player can lightly experience Royale battle in the free fire game and a mini-map and some players in every tournament. Although the game’s graphics are not too well defined but is a boon for a low-end gadget by making it run smoothly. Features like character system, pet system, skin system are also available in the free fire. These all-fantastic features of free fire gave the best result by making the game one of the most trendy and famous games worldwide.

The invention of the Free Fire

The game is owned by two personalities, Gang ye, and Forest Li. Chinese Born Forestry Li is the joint partner of Garena and more famous than Gang ye.

The game was earliest created by a Vietnamese studio, namely 111 Dots studio, after Garena took this game plan to another level by publishing it worldwide in 2017.

What is Garena?

Garena is a Singapore-based company whose maximum shares are owned by Tencent. However, Tencent doesn’t look over the free fire’s evolution as it is not the formulator or originator of the game. Apart from free fire, Garena also possesses various businesses like Shopee and SeaMoney.

The two originators of the company are Forest Li and Gang ye. Both owners are basically from China but migrated to Singapore. This is the reason we say the free fire is a game from Singapore and not a Chinese game.

Development of the Free fire so far

A few years ago, when the free fire was released on the Google play store, it did not have many features and worth playing. But with time and some unique game strategies and creative ideas, it made itself stand apart from the other games.

Let’s have a look at the advancement of the game entirely from 2017 and study its important updates:

  1. Character System – It was added in 2018 and was proved to a step forward for the game. Andrew, Kelly, Olivia, and Ford were the earliest characters instigated.
    • In recent times, free fire has more than 30 characters, and each character has an individual talent and different backstory.
    • In addition, it also allows merging a sum of four expertise to make it stronger.
  2. Pet System – It was added in the game in 2019 and was a salient feature like the characters system. Presently, more than ten pets are available in the game powered with different expertise, which helps you in battle and ensemble with your character.
  3. Clash Squad Mode – It was initiated in the game nearby their 2nd anniversary and became a big part of the game now aside from the battle Royale mode. There is an option of a particular ranked clash mode for the gamers to play opposingly versus other gamers with the same skill extent.
    • In this mode, in place of choosing weapons, players need to buy weapons at the initial point of a tournament with the money they have.
    • Two teams face each other, and the team that wins four rounds is declared as a winner.
  4. Kalahari Map – This is added exclusively in the game. It is a map of a desert along with rough terrain and various top places. The map has been appreciated by the gamers and also used in the big free-fire championship. Although Kalahari is smaller than Bermuda and contains towns and buildings, creating provisional weaponry like SMG and shotguns more functional.
  5. Elite Pass – It was initiated in June 2018. It is the update where it offers you to buy items in the free-fire at low rates. Players have to pay for 600 diamonds to buy the elite Pass and do regular missions to forge ahead of the elite Pass, and every time you level up your elite pass, you will get exciting items as your reward.
    • Every month the latest elite past will be initiated with some distinct theme and items compared to the earlier ones, and it is the worthy investment gamers need to make in the free fire.
    • Although a free version is available too, it has only a lesser number of awards.

Achievements of free fire

  • In 2019, the free fire was credited with the “most downloaded game in the world” by the Google play store.
  • In 2020, Free Fire achieved more than 100 million players worldwide.

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