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Who Invented YouTube

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Who Invented YouTube?

Social media is the most powerful weapon in the world. Social media has empowered us and made everything comfortable and convenient for us. Social media give us the power to learn, to teach, to entertain, to express, to connect with family or friends; and so on.

Social media is ablatant tool that can bring everyone at the same platform at a time. Here everyone can create content and everyone can consume content. But today we are going to discuss about the most popular video platform among all the social media platforms, that is YouTube.

YouTube: An Introduction

YouTube is the world second largest Search Engine. YouTube has bring the revolution in the video industry. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai once stated,

“In the coming years, YouTube will be far bigger than TV”.

YouTube is the largest video creating platform in the world. According to the report, the total population of the world is around 7.2 Billion and at present 2 Billion of the people are the active users of YouTube. This number will be growing with time. The 77% people of the world are going to become the active users till 2025.

Because YouTube is controlled by us, yet we can’t control the televisions. We can change the channel but we can’t change the content or show which is running on that channel. While we have absolute control of YouTube. We can change channels, we can go from one video to another as many times as we want.

The best part about YouTube is; We are the content creator on YouTube, and also we are the viewer who are going to consume that content. YouTube ruined so many small video creating platforms.

Who invented YouTube?

In October, 2002 an e-commerce company ebay bought an American Company PayPal in the auction. There were three men Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and JawedKarim, all these guys were working in the PayPal. But due to the company’s acquired by eBay, they had to leave their jobs. This loss of all three is the biggest reason for making YouTube.

YouTube was officially launched in December 15,2005by these three creative minds.

Who Invented YouTube

Problems that have faced by Founders of YouTube:-

In between, they have faced the something similar problem. That was the time when they are planning to do own business and searching for some idea. Then they also had made up a DatingSite the name was TUNE in but that idea was not successful. So another problems faced by these guys which influence their minds and were the biggest reason behind the Idea of YouTube.

These problems were:

One of those guys was sharing a long video but he didn’t have the platform to share. By email, sharing high storage video is not possible.

In addition, once one of the three boys wanted to watch something controversial video of a celebrity. But after the so manyefforts, he couldn’t find that video on any website even Google also. So he wanted to make a video platform where people can easily find videos according to their interest.

So many times, we capture something random moment in our camera. It can be related to natural calamity or something sensational videos etc. But at that there was no system where people can upload such video and connect with their audience.

There is a most popular saying,

Necessity is the mother of all inventions.

Then Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and JawedKarim, these guys founded YouTube. And no one had the idea that in the coming years YouTube will become the most successful video platform in the world.

Three biggest factors behind the success of YouTube:-

Who Invented YouTube

These three guys has not focused on making something extraordinary product, while these they have focused on creating something extraordinary ecosystem which is profitable for every.

YouTube is kind of ecosystem and now in this ecosystem everyone is making efforts to make this ecosystem more and more successful.

There are the three factors from the ecosystem that are the major factor behind the success and popularity of YouTube. Let’s understand these factorsdeeply:

Through Creators

YouTube has created a large and easy ecosystem for each and everyone where a content creator can easily make content. YouTube help their creators and providing them resources such as studios where creators can make content.

Creators are making money with sharing valuable content to the audience. YouTube monetize their channel and they earn through the advertisement.

Through Viewers

Viewer are the biggest target for YouTube. They are actually assets. YouTube has the most advanced algorithm that helps to viewer to watch the content based on their interest. Their algorithm automatically recommends the interest based content so that they can grab more attention.

Now a days YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It is helpful in education, health sector, news,entertainment, sports, learning skills and so on. People are shifting from big screen televisions to their small screen smartphones.

Through Advertisement

“Where there is an audience there are advertisements and brands.”

After the success of YouTube, all the audience was switching on YouTube so the brands were feeling the upcoming digital revolution in the marketing industry.

The reason is; traditional marketing such as ads on TV, newspaper, magazine, billboards etc are really expensive. But the digital marketing is far cheaper than traditional marketing.

And another advantage is; in digital marketing brands can find the target audience with the help of YouTube algorithm and show their ads to the targeted audience. So social media plays a vital role in the influencing of people for shopping.


YouTube is making various changes now and then and modifying its techniques gradually. In the coming time, YouTube will replace TV to a great extent. People will get everything on YouTube, creators will get easily resources from YouTube and advertisements will make more and more profit.

So overall all these three are the pillar of YouTube. With the growth of these pillars the whole ecosystem of YouTube will grow.

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