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Why Java is So Popular

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Why Java is So Popular?

One of the essential reasons for Java’s popularity is the cross-platform compatible and built-in security. Java program can run on any machine with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. Programs operate on various computers. Java is used by many banks, manufacturers, insurance organizations, utilities, and retailers. It is the reason that major industries ruled by Java.

In this section, we will discuss what makes Java so popular and what are the major industries that uses Java programming language.

Java Programming Language

Java is an object-oriented programming language. The object contains no references to data outside of themselves. The language is thought to be fairly simple, including a library of classes. The class library or Java APIs are a part of Java as the language itself. Although the language only has 50 keywords, the Java API contains thousands of classes and more than tens of thousands of methods that we can use in Java applications.

Despite this, developers are not expected to understand the entire Java API, and the bulk of them are merely knowledgeable and fluent in a subset of it.

Features that Makes Java Popular

The following features make the Java programming language special and popular.

  • Simple to use
  • Built-in Security
  • Open Source
  • Robust API
  • Strong community
  • Excellent documentation
  • Powerful set of Programming Tools
  • Versatility

We can see the description of the features in detail. The information helps to get knowledge about the Java programming language.

Easy to use

Java’s syntax is similar to that of English. The ideal language for beginning Java students who can master the language in two stages. It starts with Core Java and then moves on to Advanced Java. As a result, Java has a simple learning curve.

If we learn Java, then other programming languages are easy to understand. If we already know C and C++, we will be able to learn Java in no time.

Built-in Security

Java programming language uses for creating software applications, Web applications, Android applications, and software tools. The software tools such as Eclipse, NetBeans IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, etc.

Java uses cases have now full-fledged to include the Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science, and Machine Learning applications. It is the reason developers and programmers prefer Java programming language to build applications. It includes high-level concurrency tools and packages also take care of security. The Java classes and related tools create highly scalable solutions for the enterprise.

Open Source

To begin, Java is a popular programming language that provides a wide range of app creation capabilities. It is open-source, which implies that it is free to use. Any developer with a working knowledge of Java can use this free platform to create apps.

The Java Development Kit is likewise free to use for all levels of users, from beginners to experts. We utilize two JDK versions: Oracle JDK and the most recent OpenJDK.

Collection of Rich API

Although Java has 52 keywords, its Application Programming Interface (API) is both vast and rich. The Java API has methods to accomplish all types of tasks, such as networking, connecting to databases, processing XML, handling input-output, etc.

The open-source libraries such as Apache POI, Google Guava, Apache Commons, Apache Xerxes, OpenCV, Gson, can be easily integrated with Java.

Strong Community Support

The main reason for Java’s popularity is its active and supportive community. It claims to be the second-largest Stack Overflow community. So, if we ever get trapped in programming, other programmers or the Java community can help assist us and solve a problem.

Why Java is So Popular

Excellent Documentation

Java is an open-source programming language. Another outstanding feature of the language is its extensive documentation. Its documentation is well defined that provides complete guide to help and solve any problems we may encounter when coding in Java.

Powerful Set of Programming Tools

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is one of Java’s most intriguing features (IDE). The Java IDE provides a comprehensive editors, debuggers, and collection of automation tools.

The three most popular Java IDEs are Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans. In terms of tools, Java provides Maven for developing Java applications. The Java JConsole and Visual VM work for monitoring Heap utilization. The Jenkins use for Continuous Integration and Delivery in Java.


The Java technology is the most popular programming languages and is interoperable with nearly all languages. Java developers write Java code once and utilize it in several places. Java’s application programming interface is fully integrated with another desktop and web programmer.

The Java platform also allows us to use coding approaches ranging from tens to thousands of lines. As a result, Java is a platform-independent programming language that is adaptive and accommodating to a programmer’s diverse coding approaches.

Develop Variety of Applications

Why Java is So Popular

The following application uses in the real-world using Java language.

  • Android Apps
  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Software Applications in science
  • E-commerce application
  • Banking applications
  • Big Data

Java is a relevant programming language that shows no signs of losing popularity and, as such, is worthwhile to learn. Many developers choose it as their first programming language because it is relatively simple to learn.

Because the language has an English-like grammar with few special characters, Java may be learnt quickly and utilized to construct appropriate applications.

Java programming is part of a family of languages greatly impacted by C++ (and C#). Learning Java provides significant benefits when studying these other two languages.

Android App

There are other ways to make Android applications; most of them are developed in Java and use Google’s Android API. Even though Android uses various JVMs and packaging methods, Java’s code is primarily written.

Web applications

Java is used to build online applications in many governments, healthcare, insurance, education, and defense organizations. Google’s Gmail is a prime example of a Java web application.

Desktop Applications

Various valuable software and development tools are written and developed in Java. The server-side applications create by Java technologies. Java platform uses Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans IDE for programming.

Software Applications in Science

Java language is using for scientific applications and natural language processing as the default platform. The essential reason is that it is more secure, portable, and maintainable in comparison to C++ or any other language. It has stronger high-level concurrency capabilities.

E-commerce Application

Java language supports multiple e-commerce applications with hustle free. Java provides Servlet, JSP, Struts and other inbuilt operations. It processes large scale applications easily.

Banking Applications

Many banking services use Java language for server-side applications. Java creates an electronic trading system, data processing and confirmation systems with security and privacy.

Big Data

The big data technologies deploy Java technologies. The Elasticsearch and Apache HBase is the most popular example of big data using Java tools. Hadoop and spark are demanding and usable Java tools in big data.

Java can lead down a variety of employment avenues, depending on interests. Java can work in various settings, including games, mobile applications, desktop applications, and web applications.

Reasons for Popularity of Java

Java is an object-oriented computer language. The code is particularly robust since Java objects do not have any references to data outside of themselves. We utilize Java to create full-fledged web applications. Execute web applications on a single computer or across a network of servers and clients.

Java’s primary strength is its ease of writing and running. With this programming language, we may effectively execute the Java-based app anywhere and anytime.

  • We can find libraries and Java APIs that can do almost anything using Java.
  • The Abstract Window Toolkit and Swing libraries with Java are inferior to the Graphical User Interface technologies.
  • Java Database Connectivity or JDBC enables database connections.
  • It offers a vast community of millions of Java engineers who are quick and proficient at problem-solving.
  • Java language demonstrates its worth by producing some of the most popular real-world Java apps.

Still in Demand

According to the latest TIOBE index (May 2022), Java programming language still holds its position in the top 3 programming languages. It is the reason that Java has been awarded as the language of the year in 2005 and 2015.

Why Java is So Popular


Java is an object-oriented, open-source and easy computer language for beginners. The advanced programmer demands Java language for several tools and a large community. Java language and its technologies are popular because of the support, usability, security and user-friendly.

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