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WooCommerce: How to Automate Upsells and Discounts?

by Tutor Aspire

We all want to grow our WooCommerce store sales but creating offers for thousands of products is a nightmare.

What if I said you can grow sales on autopilot and without pouring sweat and money into your business?

This post covers how you can set up automated WooCommerce upsells, discounts, order bumps and other offers – so that you can focus on other aspects of your business while your website does its magic.

Select from ready-made offers, run them on your sites, count your sales, relax.

Without further delays, let’s get started.

WooCommerce upsells, cross-sells, BOGO – going beyond discounts

As a business owner, your aim should be to increase the average order value, i.e make customers buy more, whether it’s their first order or repeat orders.

Agreed, discounts work. But how can you smartly use them?

That’s where upsells, order bumps and other offers play a huge role.

Here are different types of offers you can run on your WooCommerce store:

  • Upsells – Suggest a premium version / more feature-driven product. Upgrade your 256GB SSD laptop to a 516GB one. 
  • Cross-sells – Suggest a related product to the one present in the cart. Airpods on purchase of iPhone 14.
  • Buy one get one (BOGO) – Get another same product or a different product. Buy one coffee mug, get another one for free.
  • Order bumps – Similar to cross-sells but the related product is offered mostly during checkout. Extended warranty on purchase of a television.
  • Tripwire funnels – Offer multiple products for free/discount and then pitch your core offer. Give away some diet tips for free, then ask people to join your main course for 30% off, then sell healthy food items as order bumps and upsells.
  • Exclusive offers – Special offers on bundles or memberships only when customers make a purchase above $500.

As you can see in these offers, we may offer discounts on the subsequent products.

Here, you are providing more value to the customers via your offers.

You can try out the Smart Offers plugin to set up these different offers on your WooCommerce store. It is equipped with powerful targeting rules and also supports popular page builders like Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer to help you set up more attractive offer campaigns.

But still, we make less money than we could

Irrelevant, frequent and annoying offers are abandonment invitations.

However, creating an offer in the first instance is a huge challenge.

There are 15+ tasks involved in creating a single offer – what products to promote, whom to target the offer to, whether to run a discount or not, creating coupons, CTAs…

You also need to take care of mobile responsiveness, else Google is already waiting to hand over a small penalty.  

Even if you get through these, there’s the copy. What you write and to whom you write can make or break the offer. If you are not comfortable, you hire a copywriter.

And then there’s the design, the most important factor to engage visitors. Graphics, CSS, HTML…there’s too much complex work. You need a coder to take care of it.

To sum it up, you may end up spending a minimum of $200 and 3 hours in creating a single offer. 

If you have hundreds and thousands of products, just imagine the time and money you would burn on creating offers!

Run targeted and engaging offers on hundreds of products within minutes (on autopilot)

Now, there are quite a lot of plugins that help you set up convincing offers with good designs.

WooCommerce upsell plugins like Smart Offers, CartFlows, MakeWebBetter, Beeketing, FunnelKit, Dynamic Pricing & Discounts, etc. make your job easier but are hit-or-miss types.

Most of them still require manual work and extensive configuration. You still have to focus on design, copywriting and other stuff. Some plugins are expensive as well.

Now, what if you can automate those 15+ offer tasks in WooCommerce?

Get readymade offer designs that are device responsive and loaded with targeting rules. The copy is also written for you with the CTAs and coupon created as well.

Moreover, you can run them on thousands of products and give your products the required visibility.

That’s the Offermative plugin for you from the house of StoreApps, the official WooCommerce extension developers.

Offermative is an AI-based WooCommerce upsell and discount plugin that automates your entire offer creation process in WooCommerce.

Marketer, copywriter, designer, analytics expert, mentor – all rolled into one.

All the offer types: WooCommerce upsell, cross-sell, order bump, discounts, Amazon-like related product recommendations…it’s all there. 

WooCommerce experts like Chris Lema, Patrick Rauland have hailed Offermative as a game-changing solution.

Let’s see how to set up WooCommerce discounts, upsells, order bump offers in WooCommerce.

How to set up automated upsells in WooCommerce?

Once you install and activate the Offermative plugin, you need to input some data (editable anytime) on the Settings screen:

  • The maximum discount you would like to offer.
  • Products and categories you want to exclude from the discount.
  • Your target customers and their desires.
  • Language to generate and show offers – English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese…

Save your settings.

This will help Offermative to better understand your target customers and prepare the offer copy.

Now every time you click the “Generate Campaigns” button, the intelligent system creates a bunch of “ready to go live” campaigns for your store.

  • Click on the ‘Generate Offer Campaigns’ button. 
  • Choose the ‘Let Offermative decide’ or other offer options you want to generate. You can also search and select the products or categories if you want to create offers only for those. 
  • Click on the Generate button. Offermative will generate ten campaigns in one go. Click the same button to generate more campaigns.
  • Use the arrows to navigate through different campaigns. Check the Approve box if you like that campaign. You can also rename the campaign title on the top.
  • On the top-left of the campaign, keep the discount as zero.
  • Under FOR, enter the product you want to upsell. Here, we are upselling Smart Manager multi-site license when Smart Manager single-site license is in the cart.
  • Under ON PAGES, select the page where you want to show this campaign. Since we are targeting a cart upsell offer, we select the Cart page.
  • Choose the date and time you want the offer campaign to go live/run for a time period. 
  • Under RULES, set the rules as follows:
    • Cart Does Not Contain Product you want to upsell (Smart Manager – Multi-site) which is obvious.
    • Cart Contains Product (Smart Manager – Single site) on which you want to show the upsell offer.

You can also set up multiple rules based on cart total, customer purchase history, customer LTV, etc. The offer will be shown only when all the condition rule groups are satisfied. You can edit the pre-generated rules for the campaigns.

  • Below the discount rules is the MESSAGES section. Select how to show the offer – as a WooCommerce upsell popup, as a messenger, header footer bar. We select the popup message here.
  • For each message type, you can click on the Pencil icon to customize it for colors, fonts, text size, buttons and other CSS elements.
  • For each campaign, you‘ll see an offer copy generated on the left. You can make tweaks to it. Click on the Update text button to view your changes in the message preview.
  • Publish your campaign. 

That’s it. Your WooCommerce cart upsell offer is ready. Here’s how the offer would look on the cart page in a popup:

Once your campaign is published, you can view its performance from the Offermative dashboard. This dashboard shows all your offers, their performance, how much money you earned from the offers till date, orders placed, etc.

If the offer performs well, you can extend it. If not, you can pause it, make some changes and resume it again.

You can set up upsell offers for hundreds and thousands of products quickly using the similar steps above and identify which performs better. Split testing done the easy way!

Try Offermative live demo to set up upsell offers

How to set up automated discount offers in WooCommerce?

Repeat the same steps you followed for the upsell offer with some changes:

  • Click on the Generate Campaigns buttons and choose the ‘Sitewide discount’ option.
  • You can also navigate to multiple campaigns and choose the one you like and edit them.
  • Enter the discount you would like to offer.
  • The Pages will be auto-selected since it’s a sitewide discount.
  • You can add rules if you wish to show the offer only to specific visitors.
  • Select the offer type, preferably the header bar.
  • Edit the copy, brand colors as per your need.
  • Publish the campaign.

That’s it.

How to set up automated quantity discounts in WooCommerce?

Let’s say you want to offer a 10% discount on the purchase of more than 10 caps but less than 20.

Create the offer as mentioned above – discount, offer text, message type, with some exceptions in the rules:

  • Select the Pages you want to show the offer – Product page.
  • Under RULES, set it up like this:
    • Cart Contains Product = Cap. 
    • Product Quantity > 10 
    • Product Quantity
  • Publish the campaign.

That’s it.

How to set up automated order bumps in WooCommerce?

Repeat the same steps you followed for the upsell offer with some changes:

  • Click on the Generate Campaigns buttons and choose the ‘Order bump cross-sell – selected product’ option.
  • You can also navigate to multiple order bump campaigns and choose the one you like and edit them.
  • Enter the discount you would like to offer.
  • The Checkout page will be auto-selected since it’s an order bump. You can change the page if you wish to.
  • Under FOR, enter the product you want to show as an order bump.
  • Under RULES, set the rules as follows:
    • Cart Does Not Contain Product you want to show as an order bump (obviously).
    • Cart Contains Product on which you want to show the upsell offer.
  • Edit the copy, brand colors as per your need.
  • Publish the campaign.

That’s it.

More benefits of using Offermative

  • Works with WooCommerce subscription products.
  • Works with popular themes.
  • Would also work with other WooCommerce upsell plugins that enhance the sales funnel.
  • Compatible with all payment gateways that WooCommerce supports.
  • No site slowdown, run hundreds of offers on your site without fears.

Winding up

Be it Black Friday or any other occasion, whether you sell physical products or digital products, whether you run a small or a big WooCommerce store, Offermative is for everyone.

The price you would pay for Offermative, you’ll feel it’s for free once your offers are on a roll.

It would not only make you money (2x, 5x, 20x…), but also save you money, and of course your precious time. You can utilize that time for your business work, with your loved ones or on a vacation.

If getting sales without effort is that easy, what’s wrong with that?

Get Offermative now.

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