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WooCommerce Category Banner Management Plugin Review

by Tutor Aspire

Using banners is a major digital advertisement method, used for self-promotion or the promotion of others. Both ways, it plays an important role in money making online. Mind that we are not talking about the Google Adwords banners that appear in widgets. Those are easy to set, but cannot be managed by you for your business. Instead, we’re talking about the highly-customizable banners that could run as per your needs and add to your revenue.

If you have an e-commerce store, showcasing the special offers as banners can help you improve your sales speedily. At the same time, you may promote your partner brands and advertisements through banners too. In short, banners are super-useful. 

For the shop owners running their business through a WooCommerce store, banner management isn’t a tough nut to crack. Using the plugins like WooCommerce Category Banner Management Plugin, you can do it smoothly. This aid lets you set different category-wise or page-wise banner(s) for your shop.

In this article, we have reviewed the said plugin [free version and premium version] for its usability, efficiency, and functionality for businesses like yours. So, if you want to add advanced banner capabilities to your online store, do read it.

About the WooCommerce Category Banner Management Plugin – The Glimpses

Using this plugin, WooCommerce store owners can manage the banners – one or multiple – for their pages and categories in the shop. At the same time, you can also set banners for other significant pages of your store, such as checkout page, thank you page, shop page, cart page, welcome page, etc. 

An advanced version of the Category Banner Management plugin comes with the capabilities of banner scheduling, random banner loading, banner tags, appending custom URLs, and so on. 

Note: We’ll discuss plugin features in detail – later in this WooCommerce Plugin review.

WooCommerce Category Banner Management Plugin is multi-lingual and supports Spanish, German, Polish and Spanish languages apart from English. So, if you are running your store in a region, where these languages are used vastly, there won’t be any problem in pitching to these markets. 

Additionally, it is compatible with all major browsers and runs on the latest versions of WordPress & WooCommerce too.

Available Versions of the Plugin 

There are two versions of WooCommerce Category Management Plugin being offered at present. 

One is the free version, which is good for your basic requirements, but obviously has limited functionality. You can download it from the WordPress Plugin directory by searching for its name, or by using the link that we provided in the previous line. 

In case, you think that advanced banners, varying as per pages, are advantageous for your store, there is a premium version too. You can buy it from DotStore by clicking on this link.

Features & Capabilities of This Banner Management Plugin

Compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce, Category Banner Management Plugin is a user-friendly aid for managing shop banners. Here is a quick list of features comprised by it –

Enabling and Disabling of Banners for Specific Page

Ecommerce businesses have some very important pages. These pages are considered important because customers pay the most attention to them. Putting banners on these pages may yield good output. Therefore, this banner management plugin lets you add banners to these pages.

The pages for which you can enable and disable the banners using this plugin are – 

  • Shop Page
  • Thank you Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Cart Page

From the plugin dashboard, you can easily enable and disable the page-specific banners, using these options – 

Enabling and Disabling of Banners for Specific categories

If you are willing to showcase promotion offers or banners for some of your categories or pages, enabling the banners for those entities will be the easiest method. Similarly, you can disable banners for these categories later on. 

For this, go to the category and you’ll find some additional options, which are activated for your categories as you’ll this plugin installed on your WooCommerce shop. 

Using these options, you can easily manage the banner for your categories accordingly.

Managing Page/Category Specific Banner

For the 4 pages, as enlisted above, you can manage the banner image and other settings using the WooCommerce Category Banner Management plugin. Here’s all that you can set for your banners –

Types of Banners

You may add one image to your banner or multiple images. The plugin lets you choose between these 2 options, namely – 

  • Single Banner
  • Multi Banner

Banner Scheduling

You can set the banner start date and banner end date while using the WooCommerce Category Banner Management plugin. Through this feature, you can set up the display duration of banners in advanced, instead of enabling and disabling it manually when the time arrives.

Banner Images URLs

For the banner images, you can add custom links to them, in order to redirect your customers or visitors to another page or section, which you are promoting in the banner.

Banner Rendering [Type – Multi-Banner]

On the web page, you can render your banners in two formats, if its type is multi-banner –

  1. Random – If you’ll select this option, the images you’ve added to the banner will be displayed in random order. 
  1. Slider – Using this option will render the images in slider format for your viewers.

Banner Preview 

Using this option, you can view your banners prior to publishing them or making them live.


For using the plugin with limited features, you can opt for the free version of the Category Banner Management Plugin. 

If you want to utilize all its capabilities for your WooCommerce store, go for the premium version. Its single site license costs $59 for a year, and $179, if you are buying this license for a lifetime. Similarly, its 5-sites license is worth $89 for an annual subscription and $269 for a subscription for a lifetime. 

For the developers and development agencies who want to configure this plugin for multiple WooCommerce stores, owned by their clients, the unlimited subscriptions will be the best option. It costs $149 annually and $449 for a lifetime license that could be used on up to 25 websites.

The Verdict

Banners can significantly increase the revenue of your WooCommerce store. Using banner images with creative content and optimally placing it in the right sections is very useful for promoting the products and campaigns. So, having the WooCommerce Category Banner Management Plugin ready to handle it all is overall, a wise decision, in conclusion.

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