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WooCommerce: Enable Advanced Coupon Features

by Tutor Aspire

While as a WooCommerce store owner, you keep looking for ways to increase your store’s sales and revenue – the same way, your customers also consistently look for opportunities to save money when purchasing online.  

And in this situation, offering coupons and discounts acts as a win-win for your business and customers. 

Statistics suggest that 51% of U.S. buyers search for coupons online before making an online purchase, and over 80% of millennials use coupon codes when shopping online. 

Every online shopper loves a good deal. You can tap into this consumer behavior to attract buyers and increase sales through coupons on your WooCommerce store. 

So, in this article, we see the top WooCommerce coupon plugins you can use. But first, let’s learn more about the benefits of offering coupons to your customers. 

What Are The Benefits of Using Coupons In Your WooCommerce Store?

Offering coupons on WooCommerce is an excellent promotional strategy. 

Here’s how your WooCommerce store can benefit from offering discount coupons to your customers. 

  • Improves sales: You may offer all the possible products your customers need but still need a gentle nudge to drive a sale. Coupons fill this gap and create an air of profitability around your customers – improving chances of sales and conversion rates. 
  • Creates a sense of urgency: Offering limited coupons for the short term gives out a clear idea of how long customers can expect the deal – encouraging them to make quick decisions. It also helps customers prioritize your store over your competitors. 
  • Helps introduce new product lines and attract new customers: Coupons allow your customers to know about the varying range of other products you sell that they otherwise overlook. It helps create new users from existing consumers and encourages them to browse and purchase new products at a discounted price. 
  • Encourages existing customers to purchase more: You can use coupons to reward your loyal and existing customers with exclusive discounts to improve customer relationships and ensure maximum retention. 

So, if you wish to extend your WooCommerce coupon functionality and ensure hassle-free backend coupon management – here are the best WooCommerce coupon plugins for your store. 

Advanced WooCommerce Coupon Plugins

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons is a flexible plugin that lets you organize coupons into several categories and provides the best coupon features to market your online store better. 

You can smartly organize coupons in different categories, including “Support Coupons,” “Affiliate Coupons,” or “Site-wide coupon deals” – perfect if your store has dozens or hundreds of WooCommerce coupons. 

Its WooCommerce URL Coupons feature allows your customers to apply a coupon through a coupon link – eliminating the need to type the coupon code as it directly applies the coupon to their carts once they click the link. In addition, you can utilize this feature to add links to texts, buttons, and images and show them on your blog posts, sidebars, emails, or even ads. 

You can set coupon rules or cart conditions to reduce coupon misuse. For instance, you can apply rules like, ‘the coupon is only applicable if the cart subtotal reaches a specific limit,’ or ‘the coupon is only applicable if the customer’s purchasing your products for the first time.’ 

Besides, you can also run Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals on your WooCommerce store, restrict coupons by user roles (like wholesalers), and grant store credits to customers to keep them happy through this plugin. 

Top feature: It speeds up customers’ checkout workflow by displaying a list of used coupons on an order preview popup. It allows them to quickly look through the coupons without going back to the order edit screen. 

Price: Free, and the premium plugin comes in four paid pans – including the Growth, Plus, Business, and All Access Bundle that costs $59.50, $99.50, $149.50, and $119 per year, respectively.  

WooCommerce Smart Coupons

Smart Coupons is one of the best-selling and comprehensive WooCommerce coupon plugins – which includes everything from selling gift cards and store credits, free gift coupons, vouchers, product giveaways, and advanced coupon restrictions, offers and promotions, and bulk coupon generation. 

You can choose from advanced WooCommerce coupon rules and options – including a percentage coupon discount, fixed product discount, and a fixed cart discount. In addition, it makes generating bulk coupons a breeze. You can generate hundreds and thousands of coupons and email them to all the recipients or add them to your store. 

Smart Coupons enables easy coupon classification and management – facilitating reviewing, searching, filtering, and categorizing coupons from a single dashboard. 

Besides, this plugin comes with customizable designs and allows you to set seasonal promotions, time-sensitive discounts, location-based coupons, embed coupons, email coupons, import/export coupons, first-order/new user coupons, custom message coupons, and one-click coupons. 

It’s intuitive, super flexible, and doesn’t slow down your store’s performance – ensuring a quality user experience. Some of its upcoming features include QR codes for coupons for mobile users, coupon restrictions by custom taxonomies, and coupon reporting and conversion tracking. 

Top feature: It lets you leverage social media marketing – which allows you to generate coupon URLs and embed them in social media posts or emails. This feature makes attracting target customers from various channels easier than just relying on direct store conversions. 

Price: $99.00 (billed annually)

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce 

This plugin facilitates coupon management for your store and lets you create smart coupons, automatically applying them when customers add products to their carts. 

It allows your customers to view applicable coupons in their accounts – making it easier to view and apply them. Another excellent feature is that you can promote specific shipping and payment methods. 

Additionally, you can offer coupons based on a specific payment option per your business needs – making room for potential partnership options with a particular payment vendor. 

Moreover, it also lets you create duplicate coupons, create coupon URLs, create subtotal or product quantity-based coupons, and offer a ‘seasonal discount offer.’ And finally, it also auto-creates coupon shortcodes to display the coupon code, coupon info, and description anywhere in your store. 

Top feature: Provides enhanced coupon customization for its appearance and styling options for categories like expired, active, and used coupons. 

Price: Free, and the premium plugin costs $69, $99, and $199 per year for 1, 5, and 25 sites, respectively. 

Coupon Box for WooCommerce 

Coupon Box for WooCommerce allows you to leverage the power of email marketing and helps you collect the email addresses of your store visitors. 

It lets you encourage your visitors to share their email addresses through an email popup – in return for existing coupon codes directly in their inboxes. 

You can generate and mail coupon codes to the subscribed email addresses and easily sync the emails with your email marketing channels – like MailChimp, MailPoet, Hubspot, and Active Campaign through API. 

You can also choose to generate unique coupon codes, send custom coupons, or send existing coupons to the subscribed emails per your store preferences. 

Besides, this plugin automatically sends emails to your subscribers – allowing you to configure the email content, including the coupon value, coupon code, coupon’s expiry date, last valid date, and your website title using shortcodes.    

You can also design the front-end style of the coupon box popup to customize the templates, messages, header style, body style, close button styles, subscribe button, social network icons, and GDPR checkbox. In addition, it also lets you add the Google ReCaptcha ad ReCaptcha 3 for successful user authentication. 

Top feature: It provides complete flexibility over the coupon box display with features like – displaying the coupon box only on the homepage, scheduling a subscribe reminder time for the coupon box to reappear, and configuring the pages on which the box appears through the WordPress conditional tags. 

Price: Free, and the premium version comes in two different plans, including the Regular License and the Extended License cost $26 and $125, respectively. 

WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features FREE

This easy-to-use plugin seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce Edit Coupon panel to add the functionality of automatic discount rules. 

It’s a simple plugin that lets you apply coupons via URLs and restrict coupons by payment and shipping methods, combination f products, or specific customer roles. 

While the free version provides limited features, you get much more robust features with the pro version – including setting coupon rules to add free products to customers’ carts, setting auto coupon priorities, and restricting coupons by shipping zones. 

You can check the complete plugin documentation to learn more. 

Top feature: It automatically adds coupons to your customer’s carts once they meet certain set restrictions. For instance, you can provide a coupon discount of $10 when the cart reaches $80. 

Price: Free, and the pro version costs $31.37, $102.78, and $204.47 for 1, 4, and 10 sites, respectively. 

Discount Rules for WooCommerce 

Discount Rules for WooCommerce is the most versatile plugin that lets you create bulk discounts with great flexibility over their structuring and organizing. For instance, you can create percentage discounts, product-based discounts, advanced discounts, cart-based discounts, dynamic pricing, or tiered discounts for your products. 

To improve sales, you can create BOGO deals and offer date or validity-based discounts. Additionally, it lets you set discounts for different product variations and discounts based on categories, customer roles, and attributes in the pro version. 

Unlike other plugins – you can display the pricing discount table on your store’s product page. But, you can also display discounts on the product details page, email notifications, cart, and checkout page. 

Other pro features include setting coupon code-activated discount rules, offering fixed-price discounts, and providing purchase history-based discounts. 

Top feature: Its pro version allows you to exclude products on sale from coupons and discount rules. 

Price: Free, and the pro version costs $59, $89, and $149 per year for 1, 5, and 25 sites, respectively. 


Retainful is an excellent email marketing plugin that automates your email campaigns and provides pre-built email workflow templates to increase sales and aid your store’s growth. 

It lets you automate and send order follow-up emails, welcome emails to new customers with coupons, win-back emails to engage with inactive customers, and thank you emails with next order coupons to drive repeat purchases. And the biggest advantage is that it offers readymade templates for all these emails to make email marketing hassle-free. 

It also offers tools such as an add-to-cart popup, an exit popup to stop browse abandonment, and sending dynamically-generated coupon codes to the customers. 

Besides, it also provides a simple drag-and-drop email editor to customize emails with ease and a visual drag-and-drop customer journey builder to build email workflows and campaigns with no coding skills quickly. 

Get more information about this plugin from its extensive documentation

Top feature: This plugin lets you schedule a series of well-timed email reminders to automatically send abandoned cart email reminders with exciting coupon codes to your existing customers, ensuring customer retention and high conversions. 

Price: Free 

URL Coupons for WooCommerce

This plugin specifically allows your customers and facilitates applying coupons via URLs.

It lets you add unique URLs to your WooCommerce standard coupons. So, when customers click the URL, it’ll automatically apply the coupon discount to their carts – allowing customers to redeem the coupons much more readily. 

You can show or hide the standard coupon input field on your store’s cart and checkout pages – allowing customers to apply coupons with URLs only. 

Moreover, with the pro version – you can control customer redirection and set redirect URL rules. For instance, you can redirect customers to cart, checkout, or custom URLs once they click specific URLs. 

Top feature: Its pro version allows you to add custom notices per individual coupon or when customers successfully apply the coupons – improving customer experience. 

Price: Free, and the premium version costs $29.99 and $79.99 for single and unlimited sites, respectively. 


Coupons and discounts are strategic tools to nurture customer loyalty, attract new customers, and drive more WooCommerce sales – as online shoppers using coupon codes spend 24% more than ones who don’t. 

It’s an excellent way to encourage purchases, get rid of old stock, and grow your business revenue. While several WooCommerce coupon plugins are available – we listed some of the best options in this article. 

So, check out the free and premium features of these WooCommerce coupon plugins to choose the best-suited option per your available budget and specific discount and coupon strategy. 

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