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WooCommerce: Recover $$$ With a Cart Abandonment Plugin

by Tutor Aspire

Imagine having a customer who spends ages looking through your online store, adds several products to their cart – only to abandon the order at the last step. Frustrating, right?

Abandoned carts are a significant problem for eCommerce store owners. In fact, research suggests the average cart abandonment rate is nearly 70%. This means that 7 in 10 customers abandon shopping carts, leading to a loss in sales and revenue for businesses. 

But what if there was a way around this? 

Using WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins, you can engage visitors even after they’ve abandoned their carts and left your store to convert them into customers.

In this article, we’ll explore the best plugins for abandoned cart recovery. But first, let’s understand how these plugins work and why you should use them. 

Why use Abandoned Cart Recovery plugins

Customers abandon carts due to various reasons like high or unexpected shipping fees, lack of suitable payment options, complicated checkout processes, and technical glitches.

Now, you can fix many of these elements and improve a customer’s shopping experience at your store. But even after your best efforts, cart abandonment can still occur – and this is where cart recovery plugins help. 

These plugins can identify when a visitor places items in their cart but leaves without completing the purchase. They then send them automated, targeted emails to remind them of the products they left and encourage them to finalize their order. 

So, abandoned cart recovery plugins help you recover sales that you could otherwise lose and thus, boost your revenue. 

With this, let’s explore some WooCommerce plugins for abandoned cart recovery that can help you achieve this. 


A suite of tools, Metorik also helps you send cart recovery emails to customers to nudge them to complete their purchase. Business Bloomer runs on Metorik and so far it generated over 300 cart abandoned emails with 13 conversions – that is the number of orders I would have lost if I didn’t have an email automation set up.

Metorik starts by tracking every cart in real-time, so you know how many carts were started, checked out, and abandoned in a given period. And while it automates sending cart recovery emails, you can create your own templates and even choose to send different emails to different customers – depending on the abandoned items, the cart value, and their order history.

It also keeps a tab on all sent emails so you can measure the cart recovery rate. Additionally, it gives you insights like total orders placed, new customers gained, the average number of items per order, and average order value. 

Top feature: Besides cart recovery, the plugin also offers solid customer management,  segmentation, reporting, and email marketing features. Also, it doesn’t affect your website performance. 

Pricing: Tailored pricing depending on the number of orders you get per month. For instance, 100 orders/month cost $30/month ($20 for the plugin and $10 for the automated emails tool.)

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

With Yith WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart, you can send emails to customers who left items in their carts, reminding and enticing them to complete the purchase. 

The plugin comes with many useful features. You can define the period after which a cart will be considered abandoned to start the email sequence, the number of emails to send to customers, and the duration between each email

It offers email templates you can start using right away but also offers the flexibility to customize the content of your emails and even attach discount coupons within. Moreover, you can choose whether to send cart recovery emails to all users or those with a specific role (like a customer, subscriber). 

The plugin also automatically stops the email campaign once a customer completes their order. 

Top feature: Its clean dashboard helps you monitor abandoned carts, emails sent, recovered carts, and the revenue earned through the recovery campaign. 

Pricing: $79.99/year with 1-year updates and support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery 

The WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin captures the user’s email addresses on the checkout page and sends an automated series of customized emails to follow up with your customers if they don’t complete the purchase within 15 minutes of adding products to their carts. 

There’s no limit to the number of follow-up emails you can send. Moreover, it lets you customize the emails by reminding customers to make the purchase, adding custom discounts through limited-time unique coupon codes, or asking for feedback to improve customer experience and entice them back to their carts. 

An excellent feature of this plugin is that it lets you send unique checkout links to customers – taking them exactly where they left off. So, for instance, if a customer filled half the checkout form, the customer need not enter the details again. Instead, they can continue filling the form further – ensuring a frictionless customer experience and more conversions. 

Besides these features, you can also integrate marketing automation tools like Campaign Monitor through Webhooks and get a full report of what works and what doesn’t with the plugin – helping you analyze the results and make better-informed decisions to improve conversions even further. 

Top feature: Offers ready conversion-tested email follow-up templates for more effective follow-ups – eliminating the pain of writing follow-up emails from scratch. 

Pricing: Free

Hubspot for WooCommerce

MakeWebBetter’s Hubspot for WooCommerce integration is more than just a cart recovery plugin, offering customer management, email marketing, analytics, and more exciting features.

After installing the plugin, it syncs your past and new WooCommerce store data like users, orders, and products to Hubspot’s CRM. 

All you have to do is enable abandoned cart tracking and set the time after which a cart should be considered abandoned. Following this, the plugin automatically starts tracking incomplete purchases and sends email sequences to nurture those users and win them back. 

While its drag-and-drop builder lets you create personalized and responsive email templates, there are also over 20 pre-made templates available, so you can instantly start your cart recovery strategy. You can also customize recovery emails based on the products a customer added to their cart, their order value, and what they checked out at your website – allowing you to hyper-personalize your recovery campaigns to get more conversions.

Top feature: It provides powerful segmentation features – you can make separate lists for leads, customers, and abandoned carts and tailor your communication to each segment.  

Pricing: Free

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

Recover Abandoned Cart tracks all carts on your store to instantly catch abandoned carts and trigger the recovery email chain.

With the plugin, you can send emails to both members and guest users – provided the latter entered their email addresses at your store. It too offers built-in templates, but you can easily customize recovery emails, the number of follow-ups, and add coupon codes to them. 

The plugin lets you configure the send time for emails and sends you notifications when a cart is abandoned and recovered. Interestingly, it also allows you to add orders that were left unfinished before the installation of the plugin and send targeted emails to those visitors. 

Top feature: Besides recording email click-through, it shows the abandoned email and recovered order count alongside each email template – so you know what works best. 

Pricing: $49 (one-time payment) with future updates and six-month support. 

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro

With WooCommerce Abandoned Cart, you can send automated reminder emails, text, and Facebook messages to customers who abandoned carts at your store. 

It collects a visitor’s contact details as soon as they click on “Add to Cart.” If they don’t check out successfully, it sends them recovery emails with a link to their cart – making it easy for them to follow through. You can also personalize the emails by adding a customer’s name and cart/product details, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

The plugin also gives you detailed information on which items are being abandoned, the emails sent, abandoned order value, and recovered amount – which can help you understand the plugin’s ROI. 

Top feature: Apart from letting you add discount coupons on recovery mails, the plugin also tracks the coupon redemption, open, and click-through rates for every template. 

Pricing: $119 (single store) with 1-year support and updates and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Retainful is a brilliant plugin that tracks cart abandonments in real-time and automatically sends email reminders at predetermined intervals to customers. 

It comes with a drag-and-drop email editor so you can create email templates hassle-free. You can also add elements like your store’s logo, compelling Call to Actions, and social buttons on these templates. Besides this, it too offers pre-made email templates that are mobile-friendly, responsive, and fully customizable. 

The plugin also attaches a unique cart link in emails so customers can recover their orders with a single click rather than having to add all products again.

In addition to tracking abandonment rate, the items customers left, and the revenue recovered, it also lets you split test emails to see what brings better results

Top feature: Besides sending cart recovery emails, Retainful also helps you increase conversions and prevent cart abandonment in the first place. It offers features like countdown timers and exit-intent popups – to motivate users to finalize purchases on-site. 

Pricing: Offers a free plan; paid plans start at $19/month and come with a free trial. 


Based on the premise that push notifications are 37% more effective than cart recovery emails, PushEngage helps you send cart abandonment notifications directly to your customer’s browser. 

Not just that, it also lets you send reminders to people who looked at your products but didn’t add them to the cart (this is called abandoned browse notifications).

The web notification tool allows you to create and schedule a series of notifications to show to customers at different times. You can personalize the name, address and even add product names, images, discounts, or free shipping to notification templates. 

It also gives you reports on the views, clicks, sales, and revenue for every cart abandonment notification sent. To top it all, the plugin is user-friendly, requiring no special coding knowledge. It’s also lightweight and fast, so it doesn’t affect your website speed and performance. 

Top feature: It comes with a geolocation feature to send push notifications in a customer’s local language. This can help increase click-through rates and conversions. 

Pricing: Offers a free plan; paid plans start at $9/month (billed annually).  


WooCommerce cart recovery plugins can be an excellent addition to your store, given how they help track abandoned carts and recover a percentage of otherwise lost sales.

The plugins mentioned above are some of the best in the WooCommerce ecosystem. And while all of them work in a more or less similar fashion, make sure to carefully research each one’s features and choose what’s best for your business, customer base, and budget. 

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