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WooCommerce: Sell More With Upsell & Order Bump Plugins

by Tutor Aspire

You’ve certainly heard of upsells and order bumps before, but somehow everyone seems to have their own definitions for these terms, the product makers on this list being no exception. The WooCommerce plugin further confuses things by inexplicably categorizing recommendations made on the product page as upsells and recommendations made on the cart page as cross-sells. Therefore, we need to get our terminology straight. 

First of all, we’re talking about product recommendations here, but not the type that simply appears on product and cart pages regardless of whether the shopper has put anything into their cart (we have covered those already). That type of product recommendation plugin often goes by the name of “Related Products for WooCommerce.” It is a crude instrument that gets the job done but is not as finely attuned as the tools in this listicle. 

Keep that in mind: the product recommendations we are discussing here, whether they are upsells, cross-sells, or downsells, are happening during checkout (before you finish your order) or post-checkout (after you finish your order). Upsells are typically defined as attempts to sell a more expensive product than that which has been purchased or is in the cart. Downsells are defined as attempts to sell a less expensive product. Cross-sells are defined as attempts to sell an equal-priced product. 

Sometimes, people specify whether they are talking about recommendations during the checkout or post-checkout process by using the term “post-purchase upsell/downsell/cross-sell.”

Others, like Chris Lema — who has recently established himself as an authority in this domain — refer to order bumps as upsells/downsells/cross-sells that happen during the checkout process and upsells as any type of purchase (no matter the price) that happens during the post-checkout process. This is very common. People use the term upsell to refer to downsells and cross-sells all the time. Unless otherwise stated, we will operate with the definitions set forth in this paragraph. 

So, now that we’re clear on our terms, we can begin discussing the top upsell and order bump products available for WooCommerce. 

CartFlows (CartFlows team) 

What’s the best type of (post-purchase) upsell? The one-click upsell, meaning users can add the item to their order with one click. That is exactly what CartFlows provides as one of its key features (it has quite a few). This feature alone has allowed some merchants to double or even triple their revenue, according to Adam Preiser, CartFlows boss by day and WPCrafter YouTube sensation by night. 

With CartFlows, you can easily add a one-click upsell landing page with the drag-and-drop flow editor, choosing from a number of preset templates. You can also edit using Beaver Builder and use the Elementor widget.

CartFlows differentiates between upsells and downsells and lets you choose precisely when they appear (after the checkout page, after the confirmation page, etc.). Generally, the last configuration step is to choose whether you would like to offer the customer a discount for added incentive.

The cherry on the cake is that you can see what each step of the flow looks like from the CartFlows drag-and-drop editor. This lets you optimize and iterate your flows with ease. 

As for order bumps, CartFlows promises a 10% – 30% increase in revenue. Not as much as the upsells but still not bad. To create and configure an order bump, you simply navigate to the relevant tab in the CartFlows checkout page editor, enable the order bump using the checkbox, and then select your preferred settings. While an upsell has its own dedicated landing page, order bumps appear in the checkout page.

Lastly, CartFlows promises to support most payment gateways out of the box (with the exception of Square) as well as WooCommerce Subscriptions. 


Free & Paid

  • Annual License: $239/year
  • Lifetime License: $999

Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce (Iconic)

Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce lets you boost your store sales by cross-selling products on the product page. You can cross-sell relevant products beneath a product’s ‘Add To Cart button’ as ‘Frequently Bought Together’ – providing complementary products to customers and improving their order value.   

The best part is it’s highly customizable. It lets you customize the sales message to increase sales and make the offer more appealing and irresistible by providing discounts to the customers. 

Another way this plugin allows you to cross-sell products is by adding relevant products in a pop-up window as ‘Customers Also Brought’ when customers click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button. You can customize this pop-up for individual products and let customers add products to their cart from the pop-up window – ensuring a frustration-free and seamless customer experience. 

One of the top features of this plugin is that it allows you to leverage meaningful and valuable stats to track conversions of cross-selling checkouts to analyze what’s working and then double down on those offers for more profits. 

When it comes to Order Bump – this plugin makes it easy to offer one-time offers to customers before the checkout to trigger impulse purchases and increase order value. Customers need not leave the checkout process in the middle and easily add products at the checkout – ensuring an uninterrupted and smooth checkout experience. 

Besides these features, it also provides a one-click cross-sell post-purchase after the checkout – which you can add to the customer’s existing orders to drive more sales. 

Overall, it’s a compatible and customizable plugin with a modern design that makes cross-selling and order bumps a breeze.   


  • 1 site Plugin License: $79/year (30-day money-back guarantee and 1 year support and updates)
  • 30 sites All Access Bundle: $499/year (30-day money-back guarantee and 1 year support and updates)

UpStroke / WooFunnels (WooFunnels Team)

WooFunnels’ upselling product, called UpStroke, replaces flows (a la CartFlows) with funnels. Two words for the same thing. 

At first glance, WooFunnels’ UpStroke editor does not quite match the simplicity of CartFlows’ drag-and-drop editor, but it is still straightforward and easy to use. WooFunnels lets you create an upsell funnel that only triggers when any number of configurable conditions are met.

It obviously integrates well with WooFunnels’ Aero Checkout, a beautified Shopify-style checkout page. Like CartFlows, it lets you choose from a number of different upsell templates and incentivize customers through discounts. You can also edit using Elementor and any third-party site builder. 

If you’re seriously considering WooFunnels for upsells, I highly recommend reading Lema’s analysis on that component.

As for order bumps, WooFunnels has extensive documentation about how to set them up. WooFunnels promises color customization, variable products support, and the ability to have multiple bumps on a single checkout page. 

Lastly, WooFunnels promises to support 15+ payment gateways out of the box as well as WooCommerce Subscriptions. 


Free & Paid


  • Starter: $129/yr
  • Growth: $199/yr (everything on Starter + 25 sites, priority support, A/B testing)

WooFunnels (everything on UpStroke + order bumps, etc.):

  • Solopreneur Annual Growth: $179/year
  • Solopreneur Annual Funnel Builder + Autonami: $254/year
  • Solopreneur Lifetime Growth: $599
  • Solopreneur Lifetime Funnel Builder + Autonami: $899
  • Agency Annual Growth: $254/year
  • Agency Annual Funnel Builder + Autonami: $399/year
  • Agency Lifetime Growth: $899
  • Agency Lifetime Funnel Builder + Autonami: $1499

One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce & Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce (MakeWebBetter) 

These are two separate plugins that together provide upsell and order bump functionality, respectively.

The upsell funnel builder is clean and provides the functionality you would expect (discounts, payment method logos, Elementor compatibility, etc.)

With MakeWebBetter, the order bump editor is not supplemented by an enhanced checkout page as is the case with the other two plugins in this listicle. However, MakeWebBetter provides about the same level of order bump customization to the native WooCommerce checkout page. 

With MakeWebBetter, you have access to everything except the following features with the free version:

  1. Upsell variable products
  2. Upsell subscription products
  3. Category based upsells
  4. Unlimited order bump offers
  5. Multiple order bumps on the same checkout page
  6. Smart offer (upgrade on existing purchase) 
  7. Smart skip (skip order bumps for items already purchased) 
  8. Multiple payment gateways
  9. Customer support 


Free & Paid

One-time purchase of WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel Pro (1-year 24/7 support):

  • 1 site plan: $79 
  • 5 site plan: $199
  • 25 site plan: $439

One-time purchase of WooCommerce Upsell Order Bump Offer Pro (1-year 24/7 support): 

  • 1 site plan: $69 
  • 5 site plan: $175
  • 25 site plan: $289 

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