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What is Yandex

Yandex is a company of Russia. In today’s scenario, it is most famous for its Yandex search engine. The Yandex search engine was initially released on Yandex.ru in Russia, but now it has a global English version at Yandex.com.

In Russia, Yandex is one of the biggest technology companies that provide various kinds of products and services. It is popular for owning Russia’s most significant search engines, but in addition to that, it also contribute to various other technologies and internet-related things.

These contain:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Online advertising
  • App analytics
  • Data management
  • E-Commerce
  • App analytics
  • Music streaming
  • Smart home technology
  • A web browser known as Yandex Browser
  • A voice assistant known as Alice
  • Self-driving cars
  • Maps via Yandex. Maps
  • E-mail services via Yandex. Mail
    Arkady Volozh, Ilya Segalovich, and Arkady Borkovsky founded Yandex in 1997. The name ‘Yandex’ is derived from the “Yet Another iNDEXer” phrase.
    In 2011, the firm had an IPO, and the YNDX ticker symbol is now publicly listed on the US NASDAQ. The Yandex has a $12 billion market capitalization.
    Yandex had a $ 1,85 billion global revenue in 2018, which was an improvement of 13.52 percent over 2017.

Yandex Search Engine

Yandex is like other search engines. Like we use other search engines for searching where we can type anything in the search bar and press the enter button, and then we can see the search pages, related to what we typed in the search bar. In the search pages the color of URLs, Links, and description are blue. Based on the search query, we can also see the videos and images.

It is a web search engine operated by Yandex, a Russian company. This is Yandex’s main commodity. According to LiveInternet, in January 2015 Yandex search created 51.2 percent of all web traffic in Russia.

Components of Yandex Search Engine

There are three main essential components of the Yandex Search engine:

  1. Agent
  2. Index
  3. Search Engine

1. Agent: – An agent is defined as a search bot whose task is to pass the network, downloads, and verifying the document. If during the site analysis, a new link is found, then it falls into the robot’s web address list.

There are various types of search robot:

  1. Spider
  2. Crawler
  1. Spider: – The spider search robot is responsible for downloading sites like user’s browser.
  2. Crawler: – The crawler search robot is responsible for finding the new links which are still unknown, depending on the analysis of that documents which are already known.
  3. Indexers: – The task performed by the indexers is to analyze the web pages which have been detected and add data to the index. Most fragmented documents are divided into disjoint parts as well as removed from the markup.

2. Index: – Index is defined as a database that is complied by search engine indexing robots. In the index, records are searched.

3. Search Engine: – The user’s search request is submitted to the server which is least loaded, and then the search system load will be analyzed. Yandex servers are clustered to offer this opportunity. Then a program called “Metapoisk” processes the user request. The Metapoisk is responsible for analyzing the request based on real-time, and it decides the user’s geographical location and then conducts the linguistic analysis. Another task performed by the program Metapoisk is to check that the request belongs to the category which is defined recently or not. Sometimes, the issuance of these requests is stored in the metasearch’s cache memory, and earlier saved results are shown in the match condition. If a request is uncommon and no matches are found in the cache, then the code will transfer it to the basic search software. It examines the index of the system, which is often divided into numerous identical servers.

Yandex Indexing

Generally, there are various types of Yandex index:

  • Ppt
  • Xls
  • Html
  • Rtf
  • Pptx
  • Xlsx
  • Ods
  • Odp
  • Odg
  • Docx
  • Odt

The search engine shockwave is also capable of indexing text inside the flash objects (when the text itself is not able to place on the image), if as a separate page, these elements are moved which has an (application/x-shockwave-flash) MIME type and the files have the extension .swf.,

There are two scanning robots of Yandex, which are the main and the fast. The main is for the entire internet and the fast is responsible for updating and changing details frequently of the index’s sites such as news sites or news agencies.

In the year 2010, a new technology named “orange” received the “fast” robot. Established jointly by Yandex’s division in California and Moscow. Yandex has been funding sitemaps technology since 2009.

Advantages of Yandex over Google in Russia

There are various advantages of Yandex over Google in Russia:

  1. The algorithm of Yandex might be able to better account for spam.
  2. Yandex is portal
  3. Yandex is suitable for Russian language search.
  4. Yandex is even popular on Android.
  5. Yandex is Russian.

1. The Algorithm of Yandex might be able to Better Account for Spam: – For the outright link spam techniques, the online market of Russia is infamous. There are several “ad” companies that operate only to sell links in order to increase the search rankings. That’s why Yandex confirmed they would not use links in their algorithms on the commercial queries held in specific regions of the country. Alternatively, Yandex will exclusively use user interface and keyword ranking metrics. This Yandex’s initiative is still early, but due to this, the Yandex can produce better quality results as compared to Google. The later probably filters the links of spam, but is most likely still giving credit to the links of poor quality.

2. Yandex is a Portal: – Yandex is the most popular media in all over Russia. Just like Google, Yandex provides various types of services, such as videos, music, photo storage, traffic maps, etc. Most of these services are some of the product that Google use to expand its popularity in all over the world by attracting consumer to the Google brand.

3. Yandex is Good for Russian Language Search: – Yandex is mainly developed for the Russian market. It can efficiently deal with specific challenges of the Russian search. Generally, in non-English search, Google isn’t nearly as efficient in parsing the user intent over spelling, but in Russia, it is even weaker.
For example: Russian is a very inflected language, and different words may have up to 20 different endings. There is a grammatical gender of all the Russians nouns, and the noun’s gender will affect the remaining words in the phrase. Even the name of an individual’s spelling might modify on the basis of gender. For example: The ex-wife of Russian president Vladimir Putin has the last name “Putina,” rather than just Putin. While Google searches only rank pages, which are appropriate to the particular user query as spelled, Yandex can parse the user intent and synonyms irrespective of the user’s spelling. As a result, Google provides the weaker search experience for highly infected search queries and thus does not provide a strong case for why a user must use Google more often.

4. Yandex is Even Popular on Android: – While Google can be used on the Android operating system to increase the mobile search because of the embedded nature of Google’s Android search, it is not as effective in Russia. In Russia, Android has more than 70 percent of the Russian mobile market; yet on those Android devices, Yandex still holds 52 percent of the search market.

5. Yandex is Russian: – Although Russians have an affinity with Russian brands, they also appear to like the products of foreign. However, in the wake of the Snowden/NSA scandal, Russians may prefer to use Yandex basically because they distrust Google.

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