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Best-selling Video Games of All Time

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Best Video Games of All Time

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Minecraft is one of best Video Games ever you must be 8 or older to play it you can create your own server, get resources, craft, build, mine, dig, explore, discover, find, cut down, and more also something you can't do or say in Minecraft, Bully Anyone, Harass Anyone, Send Threats, Say Words that aren't allowed in Minecraft, Share Information, and more things you can't do in Minecraft and also you shouldn't be in Minecraft while too young. it has been updating well oh well it's Community has been too Toxic and also I have been getting my 1st win, Achievements by doing what I'm supposed to do and more in it's Minigames even though I didn't win that much in it so I decided to survive in Minecraft after the Minigames.

No idea how this game is at number one. I guess a lot of children get to use their parents phones to look this up? Game is really not very fun at all and the graphics look like turd as well.

Minecraft, the best game ever. On Minecraft you can do basically what ever you want. You can make a house, you can make a building. You can mine for the greatest Jewels and craft it with anything. Craft a pic axe to go mining. Craft a sword to fight off the monsters of the night. You can discover an abandon mine, Find lava or water. Craft an axe to chop up wood and make a house. Make what ever your imagination takes you. Craft a shovel to dig, Craft a hoe to make a farm. Collect resources to live. Mine redstone to make a machine, make a door bell or even a light bulb. Make a portal to another world. Discover new thing in the another world (the nether) or even in the real world. Kill monsters to brew new potions to heal or die. Make an enchanting table to enchant your tools to mine faster, dig faster, chop faster or make your sword more damage. Make armor to protect you, also enchant it for greater protection. Make anything with the best Jewels you mine. Have a pet animal including dogs and cats. Make a barn to get more resources. Find the secret portal to another world! 3 worlds, the normal world, the nether and the final world to beat the game, the end. In the end you have to make a strategy to kill the ender dragon. After you killed the dragon, you won the game. To win the game again, make the wither and kill it. After you done that, you can do whatever you want on your world. You can go on creative to fly and do what ever your imagination takes you. Make a server to go on your friends world, make a roller coaster or fight each other. If you die, it doesn't matter! You can respawn! You can blow up T.N. T and you can make a chest to put supplies in it. You can make a statue of what you want. You can eat food. On Minecraft, you can do whatever you want. Download it and Have fun!

Mojang. Microsoft. Me and the other players of Minecraft. These are the three Ms that make Minecraft as awesome as it is today. You can build your houses, you can experiment with redstone, or you can try and defeat the Ender dragon. The goal is all up to you! It deserves it's top position.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game is in fact one of my favorite Zelda games beating out all Mario games. BUT this game is DEADLY overrated because everyone thinks the best during the time makes it the best today. Thins evolve and get better so just put it simple. Some games did a better job. Sure it might be revolutionary but it doesn't make it great. The side quest and the game world aren't the best. There games with better dungeons, gameplay, and bosses. But on the flip side. This game has an AMAZING story, gameplay, and dungeons. And this game is one of THE most challenging Zelda games out there. And it makes you think and predict. Other games DO also require skill but it's a different kind of skill.

Of every game that I have ever played none has been as powerful as The Ocarina of Time. The ultimate brain teaser combines with the epic atmosphere in every Zelda game to create this masterpiece. Bosses such as Volvagia, Bongo Bongo, Ganon and even the measly Gohma are just pieces of a game that changed the way that even mature adults thought of gaming. Not to mention the awesomeness of the temples that you go through as an adult. The fire temple, water temple (holy hell the water temple), and every other each has it's own style and atmosphere. For every kid who has not had the chance to play this game I would advise you get off your butt go buy this game and sit back down for hours, it is an amazing experience. Not only was this game ridiculously good in 1998, but having been remastered in glorious 3D only has added to the impact that this game has on everybody who plays it. The first time I played this game I literally had chills from the final battle with Ganon. There is nothing else like it. Putting this game under any other would be a joke.

TOMB RAIDER! Are you guys serious! The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time defines what we as gamers see as the one perfect game. It still to this day stands as a tribute to ALL other games. It won more awards than Lord of the Rings at the Oscars and still is played today by those who know what real games should be.

Thankfully, this game is listed at the top. Definitely a game to remember because it is simply FUN. The story is great, gameplay is very unique during its era, and will probably mark the hearts of every gamer who has experienced playing it during the 90s. Even though the duration of the game is very long, you will never be bored of it because there are many places you can go to, not to mention in 2 different worlds. If I were to compare it to the modern games, sure modern games have realistic graphics, but nothing beats the word "FUN" when it comes to classic games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While Making this review, I get the urge to download and play it on an emulator... See ya guys

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The game that brought me into the world of gaming. Beforehand I had only ever really played very casual games (and still do... I love FIFA) as I was too young to really get into and appreciate deep stories and immerse myself in the lore of any beautifully crafted universes. I was 13 when this came out, and it will forever be my favourite for introducing me to such a vast world where I can hunt dragons one day and negotiate with extra terrestrial life the next. When other games render this obsolete, with better graphics, more awe inspiring foes and even more secrets to uncover, nothing will stop me from having an occasional urge to check on my Nord hero in the hope of reliving some of that initial magic.

This game is absolutely priceless and it will forever remain in my heart. I can't even express how much happiness this game has provided me with. It was basically my whole childhood. I warn you...this game is time-consuming and also addictive lol. It definitely deserves 1st place.

Great graphics; long exhilarating quests; endless possibilities of things to do; multiple characters to create; hundreds of amounts of armor and weapons that can be manipulated and enchanted; dozens of skill sets and perks to be earned, so your characters are even more specific and unique; and an infinite amount fun to have with this game. You can be an assassin, and Spartan-like warrior, and gladiator-like warrior, a Mage, an archer, a chemical warfare operator, a ninja, and more! This game is mere perfect and I could play it for years. The number one non-multiplayer game of all time

This Game along with Fallout 3 are both Games that should be #1 & #2 if I should choose,being a die-Hard Fallout fan, I would go with Skyrim for #1 though just has so much. But seriously the list here making Skyrim #4 & Fallout 3 in #21 is Ridiculous you cannot even compare them to Zelda or even Worse Mario Bros or even much worse Wii Games. These are Bethesda Masterpieces that Changed Gaming, go read it up. To compare them to these games is an insult and way inaccurate. The Massive Graphics and Detail alone makes both of them Better than Zelda & Minecraft x 1000

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I bought Super Smash Bros. Brawl with my own money, unable to wait for Christmas. I think it was the best video game I have ever bought, and that is saying something. Other games have different goals: Point and shoot, do puzzles, survive the zombie apocalypse, etc. But in this, you get to test out different players, and every game is different. Single player was pretty good, and it wasn't really short, but multiplayer was my favorite part. I like how Nintendo made so many ways to do multiplayer so you could do it with more people. I think it's great. I love games like this where you can go play a game with your friends instead of playing solo. It's always more fun to play video games with others, rather than just yourself.

As a young gamer, you often find an early Jewel that becomes your favourite for the rest of your life. That is, until this game came out. All your favourite Nintendo characters in a fun, easy to play fighter? This game gets my vote. It improves every thing Melee needed and was simple enough for new gamers to play. My friends and I spent countless hours playing through all the modes and unlocking everything. Then we went to another friend's house and did it all again. Maybe not the biggest or deepest games ever, but it's so fun!

One of the only games left in the world (excluding Mario Kart) where you can go around to your mates for some good, fun gaming.
One of the better looking games on the Wii, the single player is decent and the replayability is near endless...
But it's the multiplayer that gives it my vote.
People please vote this game higher to show that Nintendo still has the ability to contend with the likes of Halo and Call of Duty!

I love this games story mode. The soundtrack is some of the best I have ever heard with ones such as Mute City, Final Destination, and Bramble Blast. Mentioning soundtrack, This game also has one of my most favourite main themes of all time. The roster has much better characters than melee since there are much less new characters that are clones. Only downside is the slow gameplay, however if you are new to smash bros, this is probably a good thing. The cutscenes are amazing especially "The Great Invasion".

Grand Theft Auto V

My all time favorite game! Despite this game being 8 years old it's still one of my go to games! Just the annoying 8 year olds with Oppressor Mark 2's just keep killing and it's really getting annoying!

Grand Theft Auto V is a masterpiece! The writers wasted no time to create a realistic, gripping story of three diverse criminals on a mission to get their lives back in shape. The voice acting was phenomenal, especially from Steven Ogg who voiced Trevor. The world design excellently recaptured the feel and design of Los Angeles in a way the lots of developers can't or won't. You can do so much in Grand Theft Auto V from pulling off insane bike stunts to dressing Trevor up like a girl or even Super Jumping on pedestrians. This game is pure fun and extremely miniscule when it comes to glitches. I'm not saying it should be number 1, but it has to be number 2. Nothing beats Ocarina of Time!

Truly a masterpiece. I've loved the other Grand Theft Auto games but this takes it to a completely new level.
The graphics and setting are flat out astonishing. Everything in the game looks absolutely beautiful and I love just driving or flying around on free roam at night and just admiring how beautiful the game looks. It never gets old.
The story is on par with San Andreas for the best story in a Grand Theft Auto game. Franklin wants to find his parents' killer and obtain a successful life so he can escape the life of a gang member and live a normal life. Michael is a former criminal trying to enter retirement early to keep himself and his family out of harm. Trevor being an outlaw who used to take on scores with Michael found out that Michael faked his own death, escaped with all of their score money, and got his best friend Brad killed, so Trevor wants revenge on Michael by killing him. All 3 of their goals are able to blend in extremely well with the story-line to make an incredible story for this incredible game.
I've always felt that one of the weak points in the Grand Theft Auto series was the game's soundtrack. Grand Theft Auto V fixes this and gives us an incredible music score. Sure it may only appear during certain parts of the game, but it is amazing once you do hear it.
All of the characters are well written and well. Franklin and Michael are very reminiscent of CJ from San Andreas and Tommy from Vice City. I felt like Franklin could have had a better backstory, but he was still a very good protagonist. Trevor on the other hand takes the cake for the best of the Grand Theft Auto 5 Protags and he might just be the best in the series.
Really my only complaints with this game are the controls and online mode. I feel as if the controls are somewhat wacky and are difficult to get the hang of. Now granite, I play this game using a keyboard on my PC so that could be 90% of the reasons why. But it can ruin the experience for some. Online mode sounded like it was a cool feature at one point, but the hackers and lack of admins to ban them ruin it. I could not move 5 footsteps without getting gunned down by a hacker flying on a bike.
Besides these niche problems, this game has no other issues. It's a realistic masterpiece that is one of the best games ever created considering that you can do almost anything you want in the game. You can go on terrorist attacks, you can rob stores, you can fly planes, you can buy houses, you can make customize sick cars, you can get laid, you can play sports, anything you want. This game will most likely have it.
Final Score: 9.4/10.

This game has the best gameplay, graphics storyline and everything else that makes a video game. It is truly the best game ever. If you don't like it then, no offense, there is something wrong with you. The huge range of missions, cars, guns, the seemingly endless open world gameplay puts this game at the top of every list, and it has been on the top of every list since its release in 2013. And this is coming from a 10 year old who plays his older brothers copy.

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