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C# FileInfo Class

The FileInfo class is used to deal with file and its operations in C#. It provides properties and methods that are used to create, delete and read file. It uses StreamWriter class to write data to the file. It is a part of System.IO namespace.

C# FileInfo Class Signature

C# FileInfo Constructors

The following table contains constructors for the FileInfo class.

FileInfo(String)It is used to initialize a new instance of the FileInfo class which acts as a wrapper for a file path.

C# FileInfo Properties

The following table contains properties of the FileInfo class.

AttributesIt is used to get or set the attributes for the current file or directory.
CreationTimeIt is used to get or set the creation time of the current file or directory.
DirectoryIt is used to get an instance of the parent directory.
DirectoryNameIt is used to get a string representing the directory’s full path.
ExistsIt is used to get a value indicating whether a file exists.
FullNameIt is used to get the full path of the directory or file.
IsReadOnlyIt is used to get or set a value that determines if the current file is read only.
LastAccessTimeIt is used to get or set the time from current file or directory was last accessed.
LengthIt is used to get the size in bytes of the current file.
NameIt is used to get the name of the file.

C# FileInfo Methods

The following table contains methods of the FileInfo class.

AppendText()It is used to create a StreamWriter that appends text to the file represented by this instance of the FileInfo.
CopyTo(String)It is used to copy an existing file to a new file.
Create()It is used to create a file.
CreateText()It is used to create a StreamWriter that writes a new text file.
Decrypt()It is used to decrypt a file that was encrypted by the current account using the Encrypt method.
Delete()It is used to permanently delete a file.
Encrypt()It is used to encrypt a file so that only the account used to encrypt the file can decrypt it.
GetAccessControl()It is used to get a FileSecurity object that encapsulates the access control list (ACL) entries.
MoveTo(String)It is used to move a specified file to a new specified location.
Open(FileMode)It is used to open a file in the specified mode.
OpenRead()It is used to create a read-only FileStream.
OpenText()It is used to create a StreamReader with UTF8 encoding that reads from an existing text file.
OpenWrite()It is used to create a write-only FileStream.
Refresh()It is used to refresh the state of the object.
Replace(String,String)It is used to replace the contents of a specified file with the file described by the current FileInfo object.
ToString()It is used to return the path as a string.

C# FileInfo Example: Creating a File


File is created Successfully 

We can see inside the F drive a file abc.txt is created. A screenshot is given below.

CSharp File info 1

C# FileInfo Example: writing to the file


CSharp File info 2

C# FileInfo Example: Reading text from the file


CSharp File info 3

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