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Christmas is a popular festival of Christian religion. It is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Christ.

Christmas or Christmas day is the most popular festival of Christians. It is celebrated in the honor of Jesus Christ. It is an annual festival celebrated on 25 December every year. It is a very famous religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. This is the one of the most important days for the Christians. Christmas day is a public holiday in most of the countries in the world. This is a festival of love, tolerance and brotherhood. Although Christmas is the festival of Christians but it has a special significance in everyone’s life and celebrated like a universal festival in whole world.


Christmas is celebrated in the memory of the Jesus Christ birthday. It is believed that Jesus Christ is the son of God, born as a human. The birth of Jesus Christ is the most important event in the entire Christian mythology. This is why Christmas is said to be the only festival of Christians. Christ was born near a village called Bethlehem. The universal dating system is based on this event.

Celebration and Rituals

There is a holiday on Christmas in most of the countries. It is a season of shopping in Europe and other countries. Christmas is a season of gifts so people shop like crazy on this festival. It is a good time to get together and spend some quality time with family and friends. On the Christmas evening, people sit up till 12 and wish each other “Merry Christmas”. Houses are decorated with Christmas tree, bells, lights etc. Children are very happy to find the gifts that Santa Clause left for them. They usually find the gifts on the decorated Christmas tree. People usually make cakes and tarts on this day.

Gift giving

The exchanges of gifts have become the one of the core aspects of the modern Christmas celebration. This makes it the most profitable festival for retailers and businesses throughout the world.

Public Life

This is a public holiday in most of the countries so the national, states and local government offices, post offices, and banks are closed on this day. The Christian’s organizations and firms may be closed or open for reducing hours.

Christmas Date: 2010 to 2030

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