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CodeIgniter First Example

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CodeIgniter First Example

A controller is set up to handle static pages. A controller is a class that simplifies the work in CodeIgniter.

In a CodeIgniter framework URL a basic pattern is followed.

In the following URL,


Here, ‘book’ is the controller class or you can say this is the controller name.

‘novel’ is the method that is called. It extends to CI_Controller to inherit the controller properties.

An Example to print Hello World

Create file in Controllers

In Controller create a file named “Hello.php”. This file will be saved in the Controller folder of your CodeIgniter. Write the following coding.

Here, your controller class is Hello, extends to CI_Controller means they can access the methods and variables defined in the controller class.

$this loads views, libraries and command the framework.

Create file in Views

Create a file named “hello_world.php”. Save this file in the View folder of your CodeIgniter. Write the following coding.

Run the Controller file

To run the file, follow the path http://localhost/CodeIgniter/index.php/Hello/

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