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HTML <address> tag

HTML <address> tag is used to specify the authorship information of the article or webpage. It can contain any type of information which is needed such as, URL, physical address, phone number, email, other links, etc.

The <address> tag is useful for various contexts such as business contact information in the header of the page, or author related contact information, etc.

The contact information written between <address> tags mostly renders in the italic form on the browser.

Note: To represent a random address use <p> tag instead of <address> tag, as it should contain the main contact information.


If you want to specify the information of the author for an article, you must place the <address> tag inside the <article> element.

Following are the specifications of <address> tag:

Display Block
Usage Semantic
Tags Start and end tag


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The <address> tag does not contain any specific attribute for it.

Global Attribute:

The <address> tag supports the global attributes.

Event attribute:

The <address> tag supports all Events attributes.

Supporting Browsers

Element chrome browser Chrome ie browser IE firefox browser Firefox opera browser Opera safari browser Safari
<address> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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