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JSF h:inputSecret

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JSF <h:inputSecret> Tag

It is a standard password field which accepts one line of text with no spaces and displays it as a set of asterisks as it is entered. In other words, we say, it is used to create a HTML password field which allows a user to input a string without the actual string appearing in the field.


JSF renders it as below HTML


JSF H inputsecret tag1

JSF <h:inputSecret> Tag Attributes

Attribute Description
value It holds the current value of inputSecret tag.
maxlength It represents the maximum number of characters that may be entered in this field.
readonly It indicates that this component prohibits changes by the user. You can make component readonly by passing readonly as a value of this attribute. eg. readonly = “readonly”
rendered It is used to render the component. The default value for this property is true.
required It indicates that the user is required to provide a submitted value for this input component.
requiredMessage If required attribute is set to true, the message description provided in the requiredMessage is display to the web page.
size The number of characters used to determine the width of this field.
style It is used to specify CSS for the component.
class CSS class name for this component.
label It is used to make localized name for your comandButton.
lang It is used to specify language. It helps to make web page localized.
accesskey It is used to access component by using specified key.

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