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JSON Beautifier

JSON Beautifier

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a format for open standard file and data interchange format that uses human-readable text to capture and transfer data objects consisting of some attributes i.e. arrays and value pairs or serializable values. JSON is very popular these days since the frameworks of every JavaScript library or any other programming paradigm uses it because of its simplicity and readability. JSON is a very common data format used for storing a diverse range of data in various types of applications. For example, a responsive server-based web application.

Additionally, while dealing with data of various types, it turns quite hectic for humans to manipulate the JSON data. The problem takes a more drastic turn when the huge application that might be highly dependent on JSON becomes difficult to debug whenever a conflict occurs. It becomes difficult for humans to figure out where the bug exists while moving through all the heavy piles of JSON. This problem needs immediate remedy to cure. That’s the reason why JSON beautifier.

What is JSON beautifier?

JSON beautifier is a tool that helps developers to control the format of data in JSON files. It is a free tool offered by the JSON online website to curb the need of reducing bugs from massive JSON data. The JSON beautifier recognizes the bad patterns of the raw JSON data and constructs them again to make them ready to be easily readable. This is thereby beneficial for the developer’s community to save time and money for users. Developers do not need to pay any single penny to view their standalone JSON data of the application they have been working on. They can easily compile and test the JSON data that is being processed. We can consider it as an all-in-one web-based tool that serves multiple features. Moreover, there’s no need for any credit cards or any hidden charges involved while using them. We can easily access the online tool through the browser itself. Also, no plug-in or device-specific configurations are required to use this online tool and have access to all sorts of available browsers today.

The JSON beautifier also comes along with JSON formatter that is a cross-collaborative tool to integrate the JSON data by organizing them into specific criteria. Be it data which is an integer, string, or anything, the beautifier tool handles all these kinds easily. Whenever we have a pile of JSON data with us that are hard to read and understand, we can opt for using this beautifier to arrange the data into readable and beautiful outlay. The JSON beautifier looks something like this.

JSON Beautifier

In the above image, the blank space represents the editable or unorganized JSON that we would be writing or pasting from our source repository or file. The above options pop up as soon as the cursor moves along. We can compile it automatically or debug it as and when required.

Consider the below JSON data that is unsorted or not properly arranged.

The above pile of JSON data seems to be confusing with brackets and parameters. It is visibly difficult to generalize which bracket is enclosed with what parameters. Using JSON beautifier, we can easily make it readable, sort it accordingly and also edit if the data is not right. The beautified JSON data after using JSON online beautifier looks like this

It is quite visible that using the JSON beautifier makes the data look amazing and easy to understand. The brackets appear balanced with parameters. Similarly, all sorts of such unorganized or improper format of data while working with large projects can be easily manipulated to understand using the JSON beautifier.


We also saw how unorganized data or unsorted data can be easily beautified using this utility tool. The web interface of the online application is quite easy to understand along with in-built features of sorting the unsorted array, minimizing the complexities while working with the huge piles of data in JSON formatter. We also saw an example of how the JSON beautifier balances the parenthesis present in the JSON data format. This makes it easier for any developer to carry out operations and meanwhile edit the JSON data while beautifying it with ease.

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