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What is the full form of PDA

PDA: Personal Digital Assistant

PDA is a mobile device without a keyboard, but with a screen to write or draw the words with the help of a pen-like stylus. They have the capabilities to take notes, read graphs, connect to the internet, upload and download. They are also known as palmtop, hand held computer.

PDA full form


  • Touch screen: It may have one or two buttons to create the shortcuts for the app used. Otherwise, user has to enter a text by touching or using pen-like stylus.
  • Memory cards: Earlier PDAs did not have a memory slot but now some PDAs may have memory card slot and USB flash drive slot.
  • Wired connectivity: Earlier PDAs were able to connect to a personnel computer via serial ports or other devices. Now USB cables are used to connect them.
  • Wireless connectivity: PDAs have Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi which are wireless.
  • Operating system: Pre-installed operating systems are Palm OS, WebOS.
  • Navigation: Some PDAs may have built-in GPS and some may connect to GPS externally.
  • Rugged PDAs: Rugged PDAs have some extra features included such as barcode readers, radio-frequency identification readers, magnetic stripe card readers, or smart card readers.
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