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T-SQL functions

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T-SQL Functions

MS SQL has many built-in functions for processing the numeric data or string. The list, given below contains the useful SQL built-in functions: –

  • COUNT Function in SQL Server – The SQL Server COUNT aggregation function is used to count the number of rows into the database table.
  • Max Function SQL Server – The Max Aggregate function in SQL allows us to select the greatest value of the column.
  • SQL Server Min Function – The Min Aggregate function in SQL allows us to select the minimum value of column.
  • SQL Server SUM function – The SQL Server SUM aggregate function allows the entire selected column.
  • AVG Function T-SQL – The SQL Server AVG function in SQL selects the average value of the particular column.
  • T-SQL SQRT functions– The SQRT FUNCTION is used to generate a square root of the number.
  • CONCAT functions in SQL – It is used to eliminate many parameters in a single setting.
  • RAND function in SQL Server – Using the SQL Command, RAND function in SQL Server is used to generate the random number.
  • Numerical Functions in T-SQL – Numerical Function in SQL required to manipulate the numbers in MS SQL.
  • String Functions in SQL – The complete list of SQL functions is required to manipulate the strings.

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