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Understanding Html/DOM Events

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HTML/DOM events for JavaScript

HTML or DOM events are widely used in JavaScript code. JavaScript code is executed with HTML/DOM events. So before learning JavaScript, let’s have some idea about events.

Events Description
onclick occurs when element is clicked.
ondblclick occurs when element is double-clicked.
onfocus occurs when an element gets focus such as button, input, textarea etc.
onblur occurs when form looses the focus from an element.
onsubmit occurs when form is submitted.
onmouseover occurs when mouse is moved over an element.
onmouseout occurs when mouse is moved out from an element (after moved over).
onmousedown occurs when mouse button is pressed over an element.
onmouseup occurs when mouse is released from an element (after mouse is pressed).
onload occurs when document, object or frameset is loaded.
onunload occurs when body or frameset is unloaded.
onscroll occurs when document is scrolled.
onresized occurs when document is resized.
onreset occurs when form is reset.
onkeydown occurs when key is being pressed.
onkeypress occurs when user presses the key.
onkeyup occurs when key is released.

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