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Verbal Analogies

16) Poor: Wealthy

  1. Gauche: Graceful
  2. Sugar: Sweet
  3. Angry: Arrogant
  4. Ice: Cold

Answer: A

Explanation: Poor and wealthy are antonyms to each other. Similarly, Gauche and Graceful are antonyms to each other.

17) Glowing: Bright

  1. Ceiling: Room
  2. Yeast: Fermentation
  3. Mesmerizing: Exciting
  4. Oxygen: Breathing

Answer: C

Explanation: Glowing and bright are synonyms to each other. Similarly, mesmerizing and exciting are synonyms to each other.

18) Bacteria: Decomposition

  1. Milk: Curd
  2. Antigen: Antibodies
  3. Yeast: Fermentation
  4. Disease: Treatment

Answer: C

Explanation: Bacteria cause decomposition. Similarly, yeast causes fermentation.

19) Expel: School

  1. Admission: College
  2. Medical: Hospital
  3. Plane: Airport
  4. Exile: Nation

Answer: D

Explanation: When someone is asked to leave school. We say expelled from the school. Similarly, when someone has to leave a place and not allowed to return, we say exiled from a place.

20) Cloth: Mill

  1. Newspaper: Press
  2. Cow: Cheese
  3. North: South
  4. Food: Hunger

Answer: A

Explanation: Cloth is produced in a mill. Similarly, newspapers are produced in a press.

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